Kelli & Daniel Wakesurf! Fitness Blender Summer Wakesurfing Session


Last summer we tried wakesurfing for the very first time. It turns out we LOVE it!

Until last summer I had never done a water sport in my life and Daniel had a little experience with skiing. At this point we've got 4-5 months of experience under our belt between the two summers. We both learned really quickly (not that we are overly talented at this by any means, ha!). I'm certain that it's our Fitness Blender workouts that allowed us to jump into something new & (almost, sometimes) look like we know what we're doing. Smart training that incorporates strength, endurance, balance, and control over one's own body makes you feel so capable. It's really very empowering. Not to mention humbling & exciting, when you're applying yourself to a totally new physical challenge. 

This is what we did when we could pull ourselves away from work this summer - you guys better hope we don't get any more skilled at this (unlikely) or else we might quit our day jobs.

Did you guys have a fun summer? Did you spend a lot of time outside?

We've mentioned this before, but if you're big on outdoor or independent sportsing, you should check out our 8 Week Cross/Maintenance Program - it has reduced training at 3 days a week and is a rough outline of how we train when we'd rather be outside enjoying the weather. 4 Week FBAdventure is another plan of ours that's geared towards outdoor workouts, with 4 planned workouts/week plus one of your workouts which should be an "adventure" of some kind. This kind of reduced training plan is what makes sure we're keeping up on our workouts & our training balanced when we'd rather be surfing than doing HIIT.

Anyways, it's a great deal of fun and if you ever get the chance to try surfing, we highly recommend you try it!

Lots of fun stuff planned for you guys this fall and winter. We are working as hard as ever behind the scenes for you. Can you believe we're at 3.5 million YouTube Subscribers and that we're almost at half a BILLION views just on YouTube? That's crazy! That's all you guys, and that's a lot of "Workout Complete" screens you've earned! Subscribe to us on YouTube and you'll be the first to know about our new workout videos.

See you next Monday for a new workout!