Where to Buy BodyMedia Fit - Cheapest BodyMedia Fit Sale

The BodyMedia Fit is a nifty little contraption that you wear on your arm to calculate calories burned and steps taken throughout the day.

The program is up to 90% accurate when it comes to computing calories burned, and it also comes with a comprehensive nutrition program so that you can be absolutely sure that your diet and exercise habits are resulting in a caloric deficit that will lead to weight loss.

You can read my entire review here.

It can sometimes be hard to track down; though the website sells the device, they are typically backordered with a long waitlist of people looking to get their hands on the calorie management system. The website also charges people shipping and handling for anything they order.

Amazon has the lowest price online (at the time of this writing). You can buy the BodyMedia FIT for an asking price that is as much as $45 less than on the company's website. If you buy it through Amazon.com, you can also more often than not often have it shipped to your door with free shipping.

You also have the option to buy the weight management solution armband (not Bluetooth enabled) for cheap on Amazon. The asking price for this version of the is as much as $25 less than the website's price for the same thing.

Is it worth the price?
It may seem like a lot to pay for such a device but when you compare it to say the cost of a gym (between $20 and $65 a month) or personal training sessions (typically $50 to $60 per hour), it really seems quite inexpensive.

A mechanism like this one can be extremely motivating; if you see that your calorie burn is lower than your intake for the day, you actually have the scientifically backed insight to be able to do something about it. If you have tried all kinds of fad diets and those have let you down, and you’ve bought the gym memberships and not used them, you might just find yourself pleasantly surprised by what this little gadget can do for your weight loss efforts.


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