Miranda lost 75 lbs with Fitness Blender workout videos & healthy eating

Miranda lost 75 lbs with Fitness Blender workout videos & healthy eating

Health should be a family project; it's not a journey that you want to keep to yourself. Thank you for sharing your story, Miranda! 

"Last October, my brother approached me with concern over how stressed I was and suggested working out as a stress reliever. Something clicked. There I was 30 years old and 220 pounds. I had had 4 kids in a 6 year time span and had genuinely "let myself go". 

I started working out the next day. My husband suggested looking into Fitness Blender and I am so glad I took his advice! I started with low impact/beginner stuff, and while I am now able to do more difficult workouts, there are still a lot more workouts that I am working towards! 

I have lost 75 lbs since I started this journey, just by eating better and working out! My husband has also been on this journey with me and has lost around 35 lbs with the help of your videos. ❤️ 

The physical transformation is great but this was always about so much more than that. My weight was doing a lot of mental damage I wasn't even aware of until I started this journey and began taking care of myself. It's amazing to feel strong and confident again. I honestly cannot thank Kelli and Daniel enough for giving people so much more than a workout!"

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