Megan Fox Workout Routine - How to Get a Body like Megan Fox

This actress is very lean and toned. Unless you’ve got some seriously good genetics, you’ve got to really watch your caloric intake and be diligent about regular exercise to keep your body fat percentage low to get a body like Megan Fox. Keep reading to learn how to put together a diet and exercise regime that emulates the Megan Fox workout.

Intermittent cardio workouts to get lean
If you aren’t already at a healthy body weight, losing those extra pounds should be one of your first focuses. The fastest way to lose weight is to incorporate both metabolism boosting interval routines, and workouts intermittently throughout your day.

In other words, consider the effect that intense intervals have on a 30 minute cardio session; it causes your metabolism to jump up and your caloric burn to be higher than if you would have done the same activity at a steady intensity. You can recreate this effect on your metabolism in another way by weaving several 10-15 minute cardio sessions sporadically into your daily schedule. The short workouts cause your body’s fat burning furnace to fire up, and it takes a while for it to burn out.

Make intermittent cardio part of your regime by doing at least a 10 minute cardio workout a day, combined with one full, main 45 minute routine consisting of a strength training/cardio component. For example, you might do a 15-minute cardio warm up followed by 30 minutes of strength training – see below for examples of what those routines should look like.

To Target the Abdominals
The actress has a noticeably toned core. Part of the reason her abdominals look so toned is because she is so lean and her body fat percentage is low. In interviews with her trainers regarding her routines, it has also been said that she does pretty intense core training.

100 Rep Abs Boot Camp – Do this short workout twice through to make for an abdominal training routine that takes roughly 10 minutes.

FB's 8 Minute at Home Abs – Variety is the spice of…fitness? In other words, don’t just stick to the same exercise routines expecting to keep making progress towards gaining a lean, toned body. Keep those muscles guessing and you will see results faster and stay interested and engaged in your workouts – important factors in keeping your motivation and exertion levels high. Mix this abdominal workout with the one above, completing either of them 2-3 days a week total (with a day of rest in between) in combination with a routine that works either the lower or upper body, as part of your regime.

Megan Fox Workout – The Lower Body
Judging by her lean legs that lack significant muscle tone, her routine for the lower body is probably not all that high intensity. Instead, her routine likely consists of bodyweight squats and other bodyweight exercises that work to build lean muscle.

38 Minute Thigh Slimming Routine for Leaner Legs – This is the ideal workout for leaning thighs out and in combination with proper cardio and diet, can help you get legs like Megan Fox. The routine largely consists of Pilates exercises but it also calls upon bodyweight exercises that tend to burn lots of calories due to all of the large muscle groups involved. Use this as the strength training portion of your routine 2-3 times a week, with a day of rest between.

Upper Body Strength
The actress has slender arms with a moderate amount of tone. The upper body and arm routine below is the perfect mesh with the rest of the workout plan.

Exercises to get Firm Arms Fast – This upper body workout is well rounded and meant to hit all of the muscles necessary for a toned, tight upper body. It is also infused with short bouts of cardio to keep your heart rate up and your calorie burn high.

Keep in mind that all of the pictures of celebrities are airbrushed to the hilt; don’t beat yourself up for imperfections or hold yourself to a standard based off of something that isn’t even real to begin with. While doing this routine can help you get a toned, lean body like Megan Fox, it’s important to love the body you’ve got.


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