Lose Love Handles Fast: Tips and Exercises to get Rid of Love Handles

Lose Love Handles Fast: Tips and Exercises to get Rid of Love Handles

The only thing a muffin top looks good on is a muffin. The right blend of cardio, strength training, and nutrition choices are key to getting rid of love handles. Use these smart tips and effective exercises to get sleek, slim obliques and abs.

Bump up your cardio to lose body fat and burn extra calories.
Cardio is an important part of staying at a healthy bodyweight, which is the most important part of losing love handles. Do between 30 and 60 minutes of cardio 5-6 days a week in order to maintain a healthy weight.

Start strength training.
Strength training boosts your muscle content, which in turn gives you a metabolic boost and helps you burn more calories (even while you’re resting). Focus on building muscles in order to get an allover toned body, and to lose excess body fat fast. Check out Fitness Blender workout videos for ideas on zero-equipment home workout routines.

Drink more water to help flush retention from your system.
Water retention can do cruel things; including make you feel a bit jiggly around your midsection. Dehydration makes the body cling to water, which creates extra inches (especially in the stomach and back-hip region) in the form of water weight. You can easily get rid of water weight by upping your water intake. Drinking more water has twofold benefits; aside from helping you shed water weight, it will also fight off cravings and the urge to overeat.

Start eating a fresh, healthy diet of foods that are low in sodium.
Too much salt will make extra pounds in general more noticeable and harder to lose. Eat a diet that is largely comprised of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins.

Be aware of how you hold your body; pull in your stomach.
Many people have poor posture, which can lead to the appearance of a lazy, slouchy looking body. To tone the stomach, and look thinner instantly, stand up straight and pull your belly button in towards your spine.