Laura's Story: I make myself more healthy & fit every day

Laura's Story: I make myself more healthy & fit every day

My name's Laura Dachman, I'm 21 years old, I'm from Romania and I actually work out with you guys for almost 2 years now. I fell in love with your workouts from the very beginning! You helped me a lot, I lost over 50 pounds and I feel great!

I was overweight when I was a child and because of that I first started dieting at 12 years old but sadly by the time I was 14 I became anorexic and that lasted for almost 3 years....3 years of pain for me, but most for my family. I was obsessed with exercise (I did about 5-6 hours of cardio everyday of every week with no pause and ate almost nothing). My lowest weight was 60 pounds, at the age of 16. Gladly I slowly started recovering and became "normal" again. But then I let really loose - I did less and less exercise and started eating a lot more. Because of that I gained a lot of weight. That was the lowest point of my life, I was depressed all the time. I said that I need to do something about that so I did. I searched the internet and I found you! Now I'm trying to be healthier everyday by working out and eating as clean as I can.

- How long did it take you to reach the point where you’re at now? 
It took me almost 3 years now to lose the extra weight and I still have a little more to go but now I like to focus more on getting fit.

- What were your results?
I lost about 55 pounds and definitely gained strength and became more flexible since I do your workouts.

- What made you decide to start working out?
My first goal on my mind was losing weight, now I want to gain muscle, endurance and become even more strong.

- Do you have any favorite Fitness Blender workouts?
I really like the strength portion of your workouts and I also enjoy the HIIT ones because I feel great after I do one, like I pushed myself as hard as I could.

- Hardest Fitness Blender workout you’ve tried?
That would be the 1000 calorie workouts. I tried all of them but I only do them once in a while.

- How many days a week do you exercise, length of workouts on average?
I exercise 5 or 6 times a week and the length of my workouts range from 30 minutes to 1 hour/day.

- Favorite healthy snack or meal?
My favorite snack is a banana and some walnuts.

- Favorite fitness quote?
“If It doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

- Something that you have gained from committing to healthy eating and exercise?
I gained a lot of confidence, I have more energy and I like thinking that I make myself more healthy and more fit every day.