I am on a journey to get to know & love my body

I am on a journey to get to know & love my body

Jan 2016 vs Jan 2017 
"This is not my "After" photo, I don't know if I will ever truly have one. I am on a journey to get to know and love my body. So I see this as a "during" photo. 

Eating disorders and self-hatred were present for most of my teenage experience. I spent far too much time wishing I was in someone else's skin. I have three children, and being pregnant definitely changed the way I look at my body. I no longer looked at myself with loathing, but I still had goals for myself and had NO idea how to reach them. 

Last January, I looked up some body weight exercises on YouTube and stumbled across FitnessBlender. I absolutely love how many options there are and it has eliminated my ability to make excuses. The strength training is my favorite, but if I can't make it to the gym there are a plethora of workouts on your site that I can do without any equipment at all!

I lost 50 pounds in the past year using just the free videos on FitnessBlender. I bought the 4 Week Booty Boot Camp program and I'm about a week into it. I get such a thrill out of earning my Workout Complete! Thank you guys so much, from the bottom of my heart. 

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