How to Suppress Appetite, Curb Cravings Naturally, and Stop Snacking

How to Suppress Appetite, Curb Cravings Naturally, and Stop Snacking

It can be hard to stop snacking because the desire to eat can be complex. With cravings, you might be hungry for more food or the feeling might be psychological. People eat for many reasons outside of hunger; stress, boredom, excitement, and so on.

Snacking and caving to cravings can sabotage a diet and negate any extra calories burned in the day. Whether you are actually hungry or just worried about mindless munching, you can keep your appetite under control and curve cravings naturally with these tips.

Drink lots of water to suppress appetite.
Water is a natural appetite suppressant. Most people are chronically dehydrated, which is the most common underlying reason for the urge to snack. You can take care of this naturally, improve your overall health, and even speed up weight loss by making sure that you are drinking enough water each day. How can water help you lose weight faster?

Workout to keep hunger at bay.
Intense cardio can increase appetite, but light cardio can actually serve as a way to curb cravings naturally. A good example of how to do this with exercise would be talking a walk or doing a moderate weight training routine after you have eaten a dinner (but still perceive feeling hungry).

Eat more fiber to help curb cravings naturally.
It takes your body longer to process and move fiber through the digestive system, which makes you feel fuller, longer. If you can’t stop snacking, eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can help you feel more full and satisfied for longer than other food choices.

Eat more often, but in smaller proportions.
Eating many small meals throughout the day can help you from ever getting to that desperately hungry, “I’ll eat anything” place. Eating smaller meals more often will also keep your metabolism high.

Steer clear of fake sugar.
The artificial sweetener in calorie-free soda and other "diet" foods can actually make you hungry. Read more: Diet Soda and Weight Loss; Weight Gain from Diet Soda?

Don’t buy unhealthy snack foods.
When you are home watching a movie and there’s a salty, sugary, or otherwise guilty pleasure something-or-other waiting for you in your cupboard, it’s going to be a lot harder to say no to than it is when you’re pushing your cart down the grocery store aisle. You can curb cravings naturally by using the out of sight, out of mind rule; don’t buy unhealthy snack foods to begin with.

As a side note, there’s nothing wrong with snacking. In fact, eating often throughout the day can even rev your metabolism. The most important factor is always going to be whether or not you make healthy snack choices.