How to Get Abs like Shakira: Shakira Abs Workout Routine

This entertainer has a body shape that so many people envy; curvy bust and hips with a flat, toned stomach. Even if you are not naturally curvy, it’s possible to get an hourglass figure and abs like Shakira.

The print version of a Shakira Abs Workout Routine, below, tones the entire abdominal section, but most specifically focuses on toning the obliques. This is not the celebrity's actual routine, but these core exercises will help you get defined abdominals and a curvier waist. The only equipment that you need is a thick exercise mat.

How to do this routine
Do 15 minutes of cardio in order to get your muscles warmed up and ready. Do each exercise 15 times, repeating the entire routine three times through. Notice that when you click on an exercise to see the video, there are multiple versions and levels of difficulty for each. Choose the hardest difficulty level of each exercise that you can do while maintaining perfect form throughout the motion.

Shakira Abs Workout Routine:

Pilates Side Hip Raise - 30 seconds on each side

Toe Touch Crunch

Russian Twist

Pilates Table Top

Jumping Oblique Twist

Pilates Back Bow

Flutter Kicks

Scissored Crunch

This program should be done 2-3 times a week and needs to be combined with regular cardio workouts for best results.

It’s great to want strong, toned abs, and this workout can certainly help you get there, but it’s also important to remember not to compare yourself to others and to be able to find confidence in the body that you have.

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