Gwen Stefani Workout - How to get Abs like Gwen Stefani

Judging by Gwen Stefani’s abs, she seems to be as driven about her workouts as she is about her music career and clothing line. This woman has some seriously chiseled abs!
(Original printable routine below)

The singer's body is lean, but also solid with muscle, which takes diligence and commitment to regular workouts and a clean diet. You may not have the resources to have a fulltime personal trainer or nutritional counselor/coach on hand, but as long as you have the determination (and workouts), you can get abs like Gwen Stefani.

This home abdominal workout uses Pilates, isometric exercises, and variations of traditional situps to challenge your entire abdominal wall and your obliques. If you want a total body challenge, try tackling our 100 rep workout that burns 500 calories.

How to do this abs workout
These exercises are grouped in pairs; do 15 repetitions of each abdominal exercise in a pair three times through, before moving onto the next set. Be sure to warm up (10 – 15 minutes cardio) before doing this home ab workout. If an exercise is too easy or too hard, look for it's variations on the right hand side of each video.

15 Jackknife Crunches
15 Pilates Side Hip Raises (on each side)

15 Flutterkicks
5 Rounds of Push Up Planks (each hand)

15 Reverse Crunches
15 Reclined Oblique Twists (on each side)

15 Toe Touch Crunches Toe Touch Crunches
15 Crisscross Crunches

15 Pilates Teasers
15 Back Bow Crossovers

Cool Down and stretch

The important thing to remember about getting a flat stomach and defined abs is that sit-ups and abdominal exercises alone will not get you the physique you’re after. In fact, you could have a full-blown set of 6-pack abs, but if you have excessive body fat, you’re never going to see them. You absolutely must keep your body fat percentage within a healthy range in order to ever reap the visual rewards of all of those core exercises.

The key factor in getting abs like Gwen Stefani is combining strength training & cardio routines with a lifestyle that is authentically, genuinely, truly active…and upholding ongoing healthy eating habits. The multi-pronged approach is really the only one that works; there’s no cheating when it comes to getting a toned stomach.

Here are a few tips in attaining and maintaining a fierce set of abdominal muscles:

Train your muscles comprehensively
Strength training all of the muscles of the body will help you build lean muscle, and that is key to having a lean belly. Work your entire core in order to get impressive abdominal muscles; upper and lower abs, and obliques- don’t neglect your lower back, either, as it’s an important part of the equation and should be integrated into your quest for toned, defined abs.

Move! Live a life that’s active.
Incorporate active events into your every day living; live a life that doesn’t play out entirely in front of the television or computer screen. Throw yourself into hobbies that require movement until you find one that makes you tick; gardening, walking, hiking, snowboarding, restoring old cars or woodworking are all examples that work. Keep moving and it wont be as hard to maintain a healthy bodyweight, even as you get older.

Eat for health. Eat clean. Eat when you’re hungry.
Food is fuel for your body; don’t let it become anything more or less than that. If you want defined abs, you should be eating small meals often, avoiding large amounts of sodium and seeking out healthy carbs (to keep up with those workouts!) and lean proteins. Reach for fresh foods instead of packaged ones and the health of your diet will be instantly bumped up a notch or ten.


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