Genevieve's Transformation Story: Healthy, Happy & 107 lbs Down

Genevieve's Transformation Story: Healthy, Happy & 107 lbs Down

Hello Kelli and Daniel,

I wanted to share my transformation story with you both, because without your help I would have never gotten here.

My name is Genevieve, and because of your workout videos, motivation, and advice, I have lost 106 pounds and am still losing weight. You two have completely changed my life and my outlook on health and food. I was never heavy growing up, but as soon I hit high school my weight fluctuated and I would gain and lose weight constantly.

Once I hit my early twenties I got down to a solid size 8, but then the weight  would slowly creep back up. Then in the Fall of 2011 I hit an all time low, and my weight went up to 246 pounds. I did various workouts and diet fads that really did nothing for me. Then in the Spring of 2013 I discovered Fitness Blender. I had previously lost some of the weight due to finally getting my stuff together, but then when I started using your workout videos, something just clicked!

I have now gone down from a size 18 to a size 12, with my goal to get back to that priceless size 8. I have lost in total 106 pounds, due to your combo workout videos of strength training, and HIIT, and all of the awesome workout videos in between. My favorite ones are the 1,000 calorie videos! My biceps show now, I can finally see definition in my abs, and my booty looks pretty darn good in jeans. ;-) Its all thanks to you two.

But more importantly than all of the superficial stuff on the outside, its my mind set that has truly changed. I'm positive and happy all of the time now. In my business (I'm a Professional Photographer), and in my personal life, I'm blissfully happy. I now have the mindset that I can do anything, and I have to say my business has taken off! A few months ago none of my clothes fit (they were way too big) so I had to go buy smaller sizes. Everything has just set into place for me, and I finally feel like I have my life together.

Words cannot explain enough how truly thankful I am for the two of you. You have no idea how much you have changed my life for the better. I'm always excited when a new workout video comes out on your channel, and I've told everyone I know about you guys. My husband says I'm obsessed! Lol, its kind of hard not to be when you two have truly helped me transform my life both physically and mentally. It would be an honor to meet you both, and if you ever do a Meetup in the SF or Sacramento Area please let us know!

Thank you for everything that you do everyday, and I wish you both nothing but more and more success!
Sincerely, Genevieve