Announcement: New 4 Week Meal Plan, Fat Loss Program Round 4, and More

We've finally shared your New Years Surprise #3/3: We are working side by side with nutritionists/registered dieticians to develop the first-ever Fitness Blender 4 Week MEAL PLAN. This meal plan tells you exactly when to eat what, and it comes complete with grocery lists, nutrition information, and a ton of extra information about how to eat to get the results that you want.

One of the best parts is that because of the way we're designing it, this plan is customizable to help you reach any kind of goal - you simply pick the calorie allotment you want to follow for weight loss, gain, or maintenance.

There will be three separate books; one for omnivores (which will most closely reflect our personal diets), one for vegetarians, and one for vegans - the omnivore plan will be ready by January 1, the other two programs will be available in the weeks that follow.

To recap, here's what's coming your way in the New Year:

  • 4 Week Meal Plan (Omnivore Plan: 1/1/14, Vegan & Vegetarian Plan: mid-late January)
  • 8 Week Fat Loss Program Round 4 (1/1/14)
  • Fitness Blender Food & Exercise Journal - (Available Here)

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More information to come. We are incredibly excited to share this with you in early 2014 - our goal is to have it available by January 1st. Spread the word!




09/09/16 7:33pm

Where can I purchase the meal plans? I can't find the link. I'm doing your 8 week program for busy people and thought I was eating healthy then I decided to count my calories one day and realized I have barely been getting over 1200 calories in my diet!!! Now that I realize this, I'd like to change.

I did your program the first time around and lost 4lbs so I'm really excited to do it again, but this time have better nutrition choices.


06/11/15 7:35pm

Great information, thanks for share

Best 3 weeks diet -


04/01/15 7:24pm

lol! thanks for the info


03/06/14 7:15am

Please know that all your hard work is appreciated! I am hooked on the Phase 4 workouts and love your fun personalities and honesty in everything you do!

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