Ultimate Toning and Cardio Workout for Belly Fat Loss - Abs and Cardio Training


Calorie burn:

257 to 407





Equipment Needed:

Mat, No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

Belly fat loss requires a multipronged approach; there is no single, standalone exercise or training type that will get you a toned, flat stomach.

Daily cardio, total body strength training, and a healthy diet are key to losing belly fat and keeping it off. This at home abs workout brings you two of the components of belly fat loss; calorie blasting cardio (for overall fat reduction), and core toning movements. Do this workout 3 times a week in conjunction with our strength training workout videos for the upper and lower body (2-3 times a week each) and you will be able to see a difference in your body’s scale weight and definition in as little as two weeks.

This is a fast paced routine that moves quickly from bodyweight cardio intervals to a wide assortment of ab and obliques exercises.

Routine Structure
7 Groups of exercises: 30 second interval of a cardio exercises, paired with varying reps of a core exercise. Repeat each group twice before moving onto the next. We do the entire thing twice for a workout that is 38 minutes in length. A cool down is not included, so a quick stretch is recommended once you are finished.

Printable Cardio & Abs Workout

Group 1
C: Jumping Jacks 30 Sec
A: Knee Tuck Crunches 14 Rep

Group 2
C: Lateral Jump with Knee Up 30 Sec
A: Crisscross Crunches 14 Reps

Group 3
C: 4 Jack Steps + 2 Crossover Jacks 30 Sec
A: Static Plank Hold 30 Sec

Group 4
C: Squat and Hook (alternating) 30 Sec
A: Cross Touch Crunch 10 Reps

Group 5
C: 2 Hop Squat (alternating) 30 Secs
A: Scissor Kicks 14 Reps

Group 6
C: Standing Crunch Pulls 30 Secs
A: Flutter Kicks 14 Reps

Group 7
C: Power Skips 30 Sec
A: Windmill Jackknife Crunch 10

How many calories does this burn?
We estimate that this workout for belly fat loss burns between 6-11 calories a minute, or 257-407 calories total. This is a very high rate of expenditure for a routine that predominately targets the abdominals, largely thanks to the cardio intervals interjected in between each of the core moves.

It’s important to remember that you need to target much more than the abdominals in order to get rid of belly fat. We mentioned above the benefit of doing Fitness Blender’s strength training routines for both the upper and lower body; following that advice will give you a significant advantage when it comes to overall weight and/or body fat reduction.

When you build lean muscle in the body, you burn calories at a higher rate, even while you are not doing any physical activity. Even if the muscle built is not in the area you are looking to lose weight (i.e. building muscle in the legs when you are trying to lose extra weight from your midsection), the boost in your body’s overall metabolic rate from muscle put on anywhere on the body is going to help you lose fat from all of your trouble zones – not just where you have built the muscle.

Having a balanced program where not just one muscle group is repeatedly targeted is also going to make for a body that is more proportionate, structurally sound and resistant to injury.

Did you like the combination of cardio and abs in this workout? Speak up and let us know what kind of workout video you would like to see next. Eat healthy and come back tomorrow!



03/15/15 4:40am

made it through the second round but those transitions seemed to get shorter and shorter. Awesome workout.


03/07/15 10:55pm

I started out at the same pace as Kelli, that was not so smart. But after a reasonable pause i completed the second round as well, yayy! A little slower though...


03/04/15 4:12am

Great workout for abs with benefit of cardio too! Love it!


02/07/15 6:06am

A great workout! I sweat so much my glasses steam up!


02/03/15 12:33pm

It's really good workout! I'm tired but I feel great. Love it.


01/27/15 12:53pm

Love this one!

The cross/front jacks reminded me of 90s music videos and I couldn't stop giggling!


09/02/14 7:55pm

I made it to the second round but I cut out some of the ab work because I was getting tired. I'm glad I made it to the end. Great workout!!


08/04/14 1:51pm

After round one I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to complete round two, but I pushed myself and made it! Your videos have re-introduced me into my high-school passion for exercise (now I'm in my 5th year of pharmacy college) plus I seriously need to get rid of my post-postpartum belly fat which has been there for 1 1/2 yrs :( I applaud you for your amazing success in changing many people's lives from across the globe! -Your fan from Kuwait!


07/27/14 10:32am

Love the cardio and abs combos! They're perfect for me because I can then combine them with my upper or lower body strength training for the day. Keep 'em coming!


07/09/14 1:00am

loved this power workout! thank you! made it through!

eva s.

07/04/14 10:42am

Another one of my favourite workouts!
Thanks very much for sharing it!

P.S. Could you make an even harder workout video with the structure and the purpose of this one? That'd be awesome! ;D


06/25/14 10:17am

This was an AWESOME workout!...Made me sweat a ton and I even had to take a few small breaks in between. Loved it!!!...Please do more like this! :-)


06/12/14 7:31pm

Made it through round two! Brutal!! But I would definitely do it again:)


06/04/14 7:42am

I thought this one wasn't too bad...until I got to Round 2! I loved the new exercises I haven't seen in your workouts before-- the jack steps, one leg hop squats and the power skip. I think part of the cardio workout is getting up and down off the floor! Thanks for another great workout. I added this to my favorites.


05/16/14 4:25am

Finished both Rounds! Doing this as day 2 of the Round 2 - 8 week programme. Loved this! but I was so happy to see workout complete haha.


05/03/14 10:59am

This workout seems innocent at first, by the second time around I was sweating and wishing it was over, which means it was kicking my butt! thanks for another great workout Kelli and Daniel!


04/15/14 7:43pm

BRUTAL!!! I'm in good shape and I found this workout really tough. I know my muscles will be thanking (?) me tomorrow.


03/31/14 9:08pm

Made it through the two rounds! Challenging but one of my favourites so far. Good stuff!


03/26/14 10:54am

Oh my!! Just completed this workout even after being extremely sore from the 30 brutal butt & thigh workout I did yesterday. I wanted to hit pause so bad after each exercise but I fought the urge and I was very excited to hear "this workout is complete" WHEW! I am exhausted!!


03/10/14 2:21pm

You have so many great workouts here, but I guess this one is my favorite so far. I must have looked really ridiculous doing those last power skips having no power to lift my legs at all, fortunately no one was watching :)
Thanks for everything you do, this website is amazing and I'm sure it convinced a lot of people that fitness can be fun.
Greetings from Poland!


02/27/14 7:31am

I made up a 8 week plan for myself using your workouts, could successfully pass through the first week, but in the second week, my knees are killing me. I blame it on jumping jacks, I guess I am not yet ready for the jumps. So, I am modifying the cardio portion anything with jump into low impact cardio movements. Ofcourse, I pick them from your low impact cardio workout videos. Hopefully I will see some change after 8 weeks. My heart sinks each time I get onto the weighing scale as I see consistent increase in weight. I am telling myself that it must be because of muscle gain. So I am going pack my weighing scale and set aside until I finish my 8 week plan. Will post back once I accomplish it. Thanks for the wonderful videos Daniel and Kelli. Love you guys and like others I am also recommending your videos to everyone of my friends who are planning to lose weight. To be honest one should be really determined to stick to your workouts as they burn and torture muscles to the max. I am determined and love the workouts.. Daniel you rock.... and Kelli, I love they way you pull out those exercises with ease, where here I am huffing and puffing and rolling on the floor to just make till the end of the videos...


02/26/14 12:31pm

Made it to round two to my own surprise! I've been following the 8 week program for 4 weeks now. So far no major results regarding weightloss but that is due to my diet (old habits die hard). But I've gained sooo much more! There is muscle defenition in places i didn't even knew i had muscles! I've gotten stronger, faster and my endurance has gone waayyy up! Getting fit is so much more than a number on the scale or a clothing size :-)!
Thanks again for all your hard work Kelli and Daniel! xoxo


02/25/14 5:53pm

I LOVED THIS WORKOUT!!! It was hard but I loved that I did it. The different exercises were cool but tough. I will continue to do this workout!


02/25/14 11:00am

OMG I made it to both rounds! I loved it! it was really challenging but I really enjoyed it. thank you :)


02/08/14 5:03pm

Love the format and pace of this workout - No Burpees, Yeah! A nice steady flow that did get challenging towards the end. On my favorites list. Thanks FB!


02/01/14 2:44pm

I love this one, but I only did round 1 and replaced round 2 with alternating jumping jacks with sit ups, oblique crunches, and russian twists. I like to put my own twist on my workouts =) But this was a perfect startup video for me ! Love all their workouts!!!


01/26/14 12:07pm

i love all your exercices! thanks to you i have my on gym in my bedroom! :)


01/03/14 6:26am

Does anyone get to tone their abs doing this workout?please let me know cause im planning to tone my abs.thanks so much.


12/11/13 6:45pm

i did it to the seconnd round! bur after th third round i was dying haha i felt my legs were dead heavy. eve though i really love this workout! and i am getting better, thanks (:


12/11/13 6:39am

Im sore today. This one is a killer!


12/10/13 4:14am

While doing Windmill Jackknife Crunches, it hit me that the correct name should be Angels of Death. Nevertheless, awesome workout! Thank you!


04/15/14 7:45pm

Haha! I agree with that name change and will think of it as such from now on.


12/09/13 11:50am

I just did this as workout #22 in the fat loss program. Whew! I cannot believe I was able to accomplish it! It's a far cry from how I felt on workout #1. Thank you so much I tell everyone I can about your videos not sure if they listen but they should :-)


01/03/14 6:27am

Hello did you get to tone your abs by doing this workout?


11/21/13 9:27pm

Chose this one for my "optional cardio" day as part of the 8 week program. Loved it. Was able to do both rounds. I worked hard but the quick bursts are not overwhelming. Will do this one again.


11/19/13 5:51am

Great workout, I love switching between kind of "strenght" exercises and cardio! It makes every training challenging, but also do-able :)


11/12/13 4:36pm

I made it to the second round, but I was dying o.o
This is an awesome workout!


10/10/13 2:57am

Terry. 2nd time doing it and i love it looking 4ward to lossing weight


10/09/13 3:18pm

I like this workout,but it's too long for me :(


09/29/13 6:37am

This is a really good workout! I was really sweating profusely by the end of the first rep. THANK YOU FITNESS BLENDER!


09/17/13 11:32am

I LOVE when workouts like this one cause me to have difficulties walking/sitting the couple days after. Plus this one was fun to do. Thank you for your concise instructions and all the effort that goes along with making these videos. KEEP THEM COMING!!! :)


08/28/13 10:52pm

Has anyone lost weight by continuously doing these kind of cardio exercises?


09/12/13 10:04pm

i lost a few pounds, but that was with eating around 1200 calories a day... but then my eating habits failed and i gained it back... oops. but they do work


08/28/13 11:12am

love this workout!! I am sweating to death right now, love that! I use at least one video a day and couldn't be happier with my results! Thank you sooo much!!!


08/23/13 2:43am

I love this routine! Hey guys I'm from Italy and I always work out with your videos with my friends! So a biiiiig hug from your Italian followers!!!! You are great keep up this great job!!! ❤❤❤


08/19/13 10:57am

Thanks for the video. I am loving it.
have a query as i was reading it was written that it should done 3 times a week. but i am doing it 6 times a week with only one roun followed by stretching routine. so is 6 times a week a problem and can i increase the rounds to 2 in coming future.


08/15/13 12:50pm

How do I know if I'm in the upper or lower range of calories burnt


06/20/13 2:31pm

Thank you guys! Great work!


05/30/13 1:01pm

This was amazing! The variety of short exercises makes this workout fun, but still intense! Thank you, and keep up the amazing work.


01/27/13 1:24pm

This workout was great! I love the mix of cardio and core exercises.


11/06/12 5:47pm

Great workout!!! I have a question about calories burned, I weigh 118 lbs and workout very hard, how much can I expect to burn? Thanks!!


10/12/12 5:59pm

I LOVEEE this excercise, think it might just be my favorite, it's so do-able because you get to rest while doing core between the cardio. You two are sheer GENIUS!


10/12/12 8:37am

I absolutely love this workout, did it twice this week already & it kicks my butt everytime :). Thank you guys!!!!!


10/08/12 11:28pm

This was a fun workout. I did enjoy the switching back and forth between abdominal work and cardio. Thanks for making this available to us!


11/10/14 10:10pm

Day one of round two was hard core. I can`t believe I made it through! Sweaty Betty!


08/17/13 11:01am

I really like this workout

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