Brutal 35 Minute Bodyweight Workout


Calorie burn:

280 to 420





Equipment Needed:

Bench, No Equipment

Workout type:

Strength Training, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

This brutal 35 minute bodyweight workout is not only a great routine for anyone short on equipment but it is also awesome for building functional strength. Building control over your own body is by far the ultimate test of fitness but many people get lost in the hype of cardio or bulging muscles. Most never even realize that what makes everyday life easier and more enjoyable is not related to how far you can run or how much you can bench press but how well you can control your own body.

Building strength in relation to your own bodyweight is just part of an equation that also includes flexibility and balance, and this routine has them all covered. This is a functional workout that uses very little equipment but still manages to be incredibly difficult. Build the mastery of your own body that can only be achieved by stepping away from the cardio and weight machines and really testing every muscle in your body.

In this routine you will be required to use muscles in combinations that no piece of equipment can come close to. It will teach your nervous and muscular systems, to coordinate hundreds of small supporting muscles and large exertion muscles simultaneously just as they are required to do in everyday life situations.

With this brutal 35 minute bodyweight workout you won’t just be burning calories at an extremely high rate, you will also be training your body to perform more efficiently and effectively making every thing you do seem effortless. We estimate that this challenging routine burns between 8-12 calories a minute, or roughly 280 - 420 total.

Workout Structure
4 Groups
3 Bodyweight Exercises per Group
3 Sets of Each

This group of 12 exercises will make you sore in places you didn’t even know had muscles. But be careful, this is not for those new to exercise. You need a good base before you attempt this routine and even those who have been working out for years should start with only one set of each exercise to gauge how your body will react the next day. After all a little bit sore is good but, so sore that you can’t move the next day is not what you want.

If you don't have access to equipment for a pull up, do dumbbell pullovers instead.

Make sure that you warm up and cool down before starting into this routine.



07/03/14 8:12am

WHOA... B R U T A L. I remember trying to do this about a year ago when I was relatively new to FB, and I couldn't even do a whole round of anything, forget about 3. Then I sort of abandoned this video, thinking it was too hard and there'd be no point wasting workout time struggling and failing. But then today I realized that I'm way fitter, I've started doing weights and running cross-country and of course doing all your brutal HIIT routines, so I thought - why not? Boy did it pay off - I feel so satisfied and wiped out at the same time! The only exercise that I still can't do are pullups, I try to work on them but they're just so hard! But this workout really showed me the journey you guys have helped me make - WHEW. I can't believe I actually had the muscle strength and coordination to do something that daunted me so much just a year ago! I love you FB!!!


12/15/13 12:04am

This is absolutely Brutal....kickass workout....could not finish the last round though....practice makes perfect...thanks guys!


09/04/13 11:51am

These videos have helped me immensely in my training, but I would love to see more bodyweight workouts such as this one, as it is currently the only one on level five that doesnt require equipment (besides a pullup bar - I get creative with my dinner table though).

Love the videos, I use them for all my workouts, but I'd love to see more high-level bodyweight strength training.


08/29/13 4:48pm

I loved this video! But, I'm curious, the video kept pausing (probably due to my silly computer) so I felt like I was doing 3x the reps of some exercises, but breaking halfway through others. However, I completed the workout... Anyway, how much would that affect/slow down my calorie burn, being a (young) woman who weighs approx. 122.4lbs.


07/02/13 3:52am

So brutally awesome! Doing this on holidays in a tiny room. Great proof you don't need much to kick butt! No excuses! Thanks :-)


03/28/13 3:59pm

is there a way to favorite a workout


10/08/12 10:07am

What exercise would you recommend if you don't have access to a pull up bar? Thanks for your awesome workouts!


12/16/13 7:27am

In the description they are recommending dumbbell pullovers.

Personally, I prefer reverse push ups and aussie pull ups (using a table).


06/06/12 10:35pm

How many calories does this burn on average for men?

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