Bodyweight Cardio Workout - Interval Cardio Training


Calorie burn:

162 to 254





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

     In this 23 minute cardio workout video you can easily get your heart rate up, get a good sweat going, and definitely burn a good number of calories.  Though this workout is not as intense as some of our more challenging videos it will definitely leave your muscles shaky and tired by the end.

     One of the nice things about this routine is that because all of theses moves are bodyweight driven you don't need any equipment to get an awesome workout in, and it can be done anywhere you have access to the internet.  Also because each exercise is based off of control rather than brute strength, you can easily increase the difficulty by speeding up or slowing down or by adding additional split-second breaks between repetitions.

     To increase the difficulty of this routine you can simply modify each exercise to incorporate extra weight in the form of dumbbells, wrist/ankle weights, or a weighted vest. You can also increase your effort level by contracting muscles throughout your body that may not be working for a particular exercise, and by increasing range of motion while moving as quickly as you can while still maintaining control over form. These little changes can all result in a drastic improvement in calories burned and improvement in athletic performance over time.

     This complete routine - including its warm up and cool down - takes only 23 minutes to complete but burns an impressive amount of energy.  On the low end you can average 7 calories per minute and 11 calories per minute on the high end. This gives you a total burn of 162 to 254 calories for this complete video.


Quick Warm Up
Tabata Style (modified to 30 second active and 10 seconds rest)
Each exercise is done 4 times

  • High Knee Freeze
  • Walkdown Push Ups + Two Jumping Jacks
  • Double Dip Squats
  • Stutter Steps (Stationary Runners)
  • Stutter Jacks
  • Lunge Pulses

Cool Down and Stretch



03/05/15 11:57am

This hurt, but it was such a good workout. It was just the right balance of cardio and lower body toning. Thank you Kelli and Daniel!


12/24/14 9:06am

Why is 30 seconds so much longer than 20 seconds?! Haha, this was harder than I expected-- but then, I need to stop expecting "not brutal" to equal "easy." I knew theoretically that it wouldn't be easy, but I had to slow down a bit, and take an extra break (or 3) during the pulsing lunges. Glad it's over!


11/13/14 4:39pm

Pretty good but I would say it's more of a 2.5 than a it with weights or another cardio routine for a full work out :)


06/19/14 12:28pm

Love to use this routine before I go through a weighted routine!


04/18/14 12:03pm

Kelli, you have such an encouraging attitude. Thanks for a great workout!


04/04/14 4:57am

Hey, you cheated! You said "Walkdown Push Ups + Two Jumping Jacks", so I did just that, and I kept marvelling how Kelli could go so much faster than me (I couldn't keep my eye on the video all the time, obviously, but I could hear the jumping jacks). Normally in a level 3 workout I should be able to keep pace.
It took me three of the four rounds to realize that she was leaving the push ups out of the "walkdown push ups", doing walkdown planks instead ...

It's a great cardio routine, though, I loved it. I combined it with a longer pilates video and got a really satisfying workout. And thank you for the extra push ups you tricked me into! ;-)


07/07/14 12:30pm

I'm sure you posted this ages ago, but I just wanted to comment that I had the same experience! That's what I get for not reading the comments *before* doing the workout, haha!


03/07/14 11:47am

This was a good workout..i added dumbbells in to make it a little more intense...overall worked a good sweat


02/24/14 5:27pm

45 pounds down with 15 to go! I started at 210,and am currently at 168 with 150 lbs being my goal! Your videos are almost the only routines I've used to get healthy (97 percent of my workouts are your routines),and I'm so grateful to have come across your site and your mission. Thanks!


01/03/14 3:47pm

I really love your work. I do a lot of exercises and that was cool, now I lost weight, exactly 18 pounds or 8 kg. I feel stronger and healthful. Thank you very much ;)


11/19/13 8:14pm

I did the 100 rep squat challenge and followed it with this video, my legs - wait scratch that my whole body is shaking!!!! Another amazing work out, warm and cool down included is another plus! I love you guys and everything you do to help others, you are truly an inspiration. I luckily stumbled upon your website while looking for inner thigh exercises, I figured I would just find a page that just wrote out the steps of the exercises, boy was I wrong!!! I have been hooked ever since I found you back in May. I look forward to working out now and get excited scrolling through the videos to pick which form of torture I'll be doing that night ( just kidding ). Thanks again! Keep up the great work!!


08/18/14 3:32am

I feel exactly the same. I also came across this website at the end of spring and now, by the end of summer, I'm much stronger, I feel better, sleep better (I've already infected my husband with this new enthusiasm :-) Life altogether became much more fun with Kelly and Daniel. Thanks a lot!!


11/16/13 7:51pm

is this a good workout for fat loss and muscle gain?


10/16/13 9:03pm

You guys are great. Your site is THE BEST. I lost 28lbs using this site. Continue doing the great job that you are doing. THANKS!!!!!!!!!
I am happy the day I found this site. I am more motivated and cant wait to do atleast one every day. :) Love you guys loads


10/06/13 7:57am

how many times to do this exercise in a week? i'm just a beginner :D


09/16/13 6:55pm

This was another great workout!!! Thanks again Fitness Bender!!! More quick HIIT workouts with warm up/cool down!!!


09/12/13 9:37am

The videos keep showing unavailable


09/11/13 4:06pm

Question for you guys - when you estimate calories, do you do this based on a 150lb athlete? I am curious as I feel I go "all out" in your workouts but consistently come in on the low end of the calorie burn, wondering if my small size might be a factor.



09/11/13 8:15am

It wont play for me :(


09/11/13 6:40am

I always love your workouts-- unfortunately many have been 'freezing' or not working at all on me lately...has anyone else had this issue?


09/10/13 4:36pm

Great job! I was drenched by the end of this one. I agree with the others that it was nice to hear you "suffer" too! It was funny to hear you say "half way" instead of "almost done" lol. Although I liked the "don't look at the clock" the best!!


09/10/13 3:52pm

Good job Kelli! It's reassuring to hear you breathing along with me!! Thanks!


09/10/13 12:41pm

Good work Kelli!


09/10/13 12:18pm

Dripping sweat in 23 minutes?! I'll take it! Such a great workout, quick and efficient.


09/10/13 11:19am

I like to use my step for the "stutter step" parts of your workout. Gets an even better burn :)


09/10/13 11:17am

Awesome workout! I'm definitely going to try this out at some stage.

I also just wanted to say how pleased I am that I found your site. I'm 19 and while I'm not overweight, I've been wanting to get in shape but I was never too keen on exercise due to lack of time etc. However, you guys sparked my interest and now I love exercising! You keep me motivated throughout each workout and I've noticed great results already! In 2 weeks, I lost 5lbs, gained some muscle mass & tone, and have noticed significant improvements in my overall fitness. I'm over the moon with this! I've been telling all my friends about you guys and I look forward to more workouts in the future. Much love from the UK! :) x


09/10/13 10:58am

This is a really good short workout :) It is good to have Kelli encouraging me when it is getting difficult!

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