38 Minute Glute, Inner & Outer Thigh Workout


Calorie burn:

280 to 420





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:


Body focus:


Workout Details

All of the moves in this routine are very dynamic and work the thigh and glute muscles in ranges of motion that are not commonly found in natural, everyday activities. The result is that your muscles get worked from multiple angles, all of which provide significant reshaping and toning benefits.

I was sore for three days after filming this workout of glute, inner, and outer thigh exercises! If you do this routine 2-4 times per week, you will start to notice a difference in the shape of your lower body in as little as two weeks.

Exercises in this workout

Frog Leg Lifts – 14 Reps – Lie on your stomach and bend your knees, placing the soles of your feet together so that your legs bow out like frog legs. While pressing your soles together and maintaining that frog-legged pose, lift your legs upward. You will feel this predominately in your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back.

Squat + Side Leg Raises – 20 Reps – Drop into a deep squat and go up onto one leg as you come back up into a standing position. While balancing on that leg, lift the other leg out to the side. This is one of my favorite exercises because it is so effective for the glutes, outer thighs, core and obliques.

Butterfly Bridges – 20 Reps – Lie on your back, bend your knees, and bring your feet inward and upward to press the soles of your feet together. While maintaining this position, press your hips upward as you would for a regular bridge. This is an excellent inner and outer thigh exercise and it also hits the glute muscles in a unique way.

“U” Leg Lifts – 10 Reps on each Side – Lie on your side with your feet stacked. Lift the top leg straight up for a side leg lift, still in line with that bottom leg. Bring it back down (without letting it rest on the bottom leg) and immediately bring that top leg forward so that it’s in front of your body; once there, lift it again. Lower it back down towards the ground before bringing it back it over the bottom leg in the starting position. You are essentially drawing a giant, boxy “U” shape with the top leg. You will definitely feel this in your outer thighs.

Slider Squats – 10 Reps – Drop into a squat and slowly transfer your weight from evenly distributed to one leg or the other until the opposite leg is straightened – all while never leaving a squat position. The squat targets the glutes, while the sliding motion engages and tones the inner and outer thigh.

Single Leg Pendulums – 10 Reps on each Side – Balance on one leg while doing leg lifts on both the outside and inside of the body. The outer leg lift targets the outside thigh, while the leg lift in front of the body tones inner thighs. Use slow and controlled “swings” for this one – you don’t want to use too much momentum or else your muscles get off easy. Your core also has to work to complete this movement; it’s largely what keeps you from falling over (hopefully). If you are lacking in the balance department, you can always hold onto a chair or stand by a wall for a little extra support.

Sumo Squats + Pick Ups – 10 Reps on each Side – Go into a deep squat and set a weighted object next to the toes of one foot. Come back up from the squat, and go back down to pick the object or weight back up. During the next Sumo Squat, repeat the set-down, pick-up movement next to the toes of the opposite foot. You can do this oblique, glute, and outer thigh exercise without any equipment, but you can also make it a lot harder by bumping up the amount of weight you are maneuvering around.

Seated Leg Lift & Sweeps – 7 Reps on each Side – Sit on a mat with your feet extended straight out in front of your body. Without letting your torso or hips twist, lift one leg up off of the ground and slowly swing it to the outside of your hip. Immediately bring it back to the front of your body and lower it to the starting position before repeating the movement on the other leg. This one is a lot harder than it looks and is a good challenge for the quadriceps, outer and inner thighs.

How many calories does this Fitness Blender workout burn?
If you do all three rounds of this 38 minute routine, you could burn between 280 – 420 calories. This is a large window of variance but is reflective of the highly complicated set of variables that play into calorie expenditure (height, weight, gender, fitness level, body fat percentage, etc). For example, for a woman weighing 130 lbs, this workout will burn around 8 calories a minute, or around 305 calories. More important than calorie burn, you will be waking up hibernating muscles and toning up your lower body.



04/13/15 5:18am

I did one round of this and that was enough of these exercises for me. I do like the exercises in this but I'm starting to avoid the ones which have 'rounds' of repeated exercises, in favour of your newer ABAB or AABB format of routines. So thank you very much for the newer routines, and for all who helped you make that change with positive feedback!


01/20/15 12:02am

I think I'm going to be sore tomorrow ..... and the next day....and the next.


10/15/14 11:30am

Will this workout help me to get a rounded fuller butt if I combine it with cardio, HIIT, and other strength training workouts?


08/31/14 8:30pm

Hi If I was to do this workout and a different lower body workout of yours each day like a total different routine will I see results?? Or isit better to stick to one workout and then switch it up after a couple of weeks??


08/29/14 2:48am

Something is probably wrong with me or I just got fit but I don't feel any soreness...


08/24/14 10:48am

Hey. Just wanted to say thanks for the free workouts. I'm a runner and have been suffering from runners knee for almost a month. I know I need to work my thigh muscles to prevent/ heal this, but I just HATE going to the gym; plus with two kids it is near impossible to find the time. This workout makes me sore for days (even though I run almost daily) and I don't find it boring at all (as opposed to most weight lifting). My knee is feeling much better and the trial running is getting easier. Thanks so much!


08/12/14 10:55am

Can you also do the 3 rounds throughout the day in stead of doing them all at once. Or will the effect be less that way?


07/31/14 1:21am

Really enjoyed this workout. At first I only wanted to get a flatter belly, but after some while of training I realized I want to target my butt and thighs as well. I know I can't just train one part of my body. So I'm using the 8 wk program to lose overall fat. Maybe I'm going to sneak in a little bit more for my butt and thighs.


05/16/14 8:50pm

Hello!!! I love your entire work out routine, I downloaded the 8 week workout routine! My room mate and I do it all the time! We have so much enjoyed your work outs and appreciate all the hard work and effort you guys put into making these videos and doing it for such low cost! It's so wonderful to see people so dedicated to their passion! So again, thank you so much!!!! I'm so grateful to have found this online! Thanks again!


05/14/14 4:28pm

I have a question: I've been seeing lift and increased shapeliness when I look at my butt in profile, but when I look at my butt from behind, it doesn't seem to be showing the same improvements. I recently did this video, and when I did the Frog Leg Lifts, my thighs were barely coming off the ground. Should I focus on moves that focus my glutes directly, such as the Frog Leg Lifts and Rear Leg Lifts and Real Leg Lift Pulses Leg Extensions with Pulses? Basically, use this video: http://bit.ly/1sP3W3Y I also noticed that my outer thighs are weak. Is that connected?


04/04/14 3:35pm

I love you're HIIT workouts before I started I only liked doing just 15-20 minutes because I disliked working out so much but for some reason after finding your guys workouts I really enjoy working out now my only problem is not overdoing it now haha thank you so much for your time on making these videos! xoxo


02/04/14 9:00am

dis this one yesterday! was so good! Im sore, but happy!, thanks so much for the workouts, you guys are awesome!!


01/12/14 8:58am

I have not done this in a while, it was the 1st work out i ever did from you guys last year, forgot how much i enjoyed it :D
i wore a weighted belt to add to the intensity today :)
thanks FB


12/07/13 11:38am

Hey FB! Love the workout!! first I thought I won't be that sore.....I could barely walk ;p. Now I have HUGH THUNDEROUS thighs, will the workout slim them a bit or will it just bulk up more?? X


11/27/13 7:02pm

I'm in week 3 of the 8 week program and look forward to my workout everyday, I really enjoy the variety of exercises and the focus on form. In this video, I wasn't able to actually really get off the ground on the frog leg lifts, I assume I'm not strong enough or something. With the single leg pendulum, I noticed my balance improved tremendously when I kept my eyes focused on a point on the wall in front of me instead of watching my leg go side to side. Thanks for the awesome workouts!


10/27/13 2:50pm

hello Daniel and Kelli!
first, I'd like to say thank you for all your videos! they really makes me happy by exercising, i've never felt it that way. i feel the changes in my body and its all because of your workouts! thank you!

but i have a question: i find extremely hard lifting any weight in that sumo squat exercise. is it necessary? can I exchange it with a regular sumo squat, without any weight? would it make a visible difference?
thank you in advance for answering my question!


10/09/13 6:04am

Love this workout! Thank you so much for posting so many free workout videos. I was wondering though, if this workout would help me get a bigger butt? I'm afraid of making it smaller with these exercises.. thanks! and keep it up guys! :))


09/22/13 8:39am

Oush Nice on >>>


09/20/13 1:03pm

Absolutely love your workouts, I am currently doing your 8 week fat loss plan round 1 and I'm on week 3 now! Never been able to commit to an exercise routine for this long before! :) thank you!
I remember doing this workout before the weight loss plan and could barely make it through round 1! and seeing that this was todays workout I was soooo dreading it, but I made it through without any pauses! so although I am not seeing massive results in my appearance (yet!) I am definitely feeling it!
So looking forward to completing round 1 and starting the round 2, 3 and whatever the other ones you will bring out!
Thanks so much guys!


07/27/13 6:22am

Yu guys should literally start your own gym. I would not only love joining it but I would probably get motivated to finish my fitness course.


07/20/13 5:30pm

love this workout!! How many a times do you recommend doing this a week for faster results?


07/17/13 9:16am

This workout is extremely helpful! I remember seeing results after only 1 month.


07/11/13 10:18am

Unfortunately I was unable to work out for two weeks, but I'm back to my routine ( I missed you guys ). Today was my 2nd day back and I chose this work out. Wow, my legs felt like jello during this video! By the 3rd round I was dying, but I loved it!! Bring on the soreness :) .


05/15/13 9:14am

I LOVE your workouts!


04/09/13 4:39pm

Just like someone said earlier, the frog leg lifts were outside my capabilities to perform correctly. Everything else was great, however. I read Kelli's alternative exercise suggestion in the comment section a bit too late. I'll try that next time.

P.S. Kelli I love you. Just don't tell your husband. :P


03/27/13 12:21pm

Hello Fitness Blender! I do your workouts every day, they are awesome! (I lose 13kgs - THANK YOU!)
But I have one question:
Which workouts help me reduce fat form my thigs without build muscle? I want make my legs slimmer, more toned so what can help me? (I mixed tabata legs with some pillates and 5x5x5 workouts for legs.) What more?
Thank you for answer, it's important to me.


02/22/13 3:03pm

Another amazing workout! I only lost balance when doing the single leg pendulums AND only because I laughed each time he said NOT to put your foot down, I would!!! : -)


02/13/13 10:01am

Hi guys newbie to your site, but just love it and think your videos are fab. I tried this workout last night and think I may have over estimated my fitness level, as towards the end of round 2 I was panting heavily and by the start of round 3 my form was all over the place, in fact for the frog exercise I could not even lift my thighs by a millimetre from the floor in any round! I was worried that perhaps it was a waste of time if my form was bad but just kept going and my god today I am soooo sore - walking like John Wayne, so must have worked something right? However do you think perhaps if I struggled to do this routine with correct form, I should perhaps start off with easier exercise routines? Also how would I work out the calorie burn for a 125 lb female (low estimate is fine, prefer to under estimate anyway)


01/05/13 12:08am

you guys are awesome, thanks for sharing your knowledge & your time.
I love this workout, but I really want to know if doing the exercises at the same pace as kelly is important, I mean, if i dont, Would I be able to see results?
thank you


11/19/12 1:42pm

thanks for sharing these great workouts
I dont want to lose weight, I only want to tone my thighs and butt
i know that u always say u cant spot reduce, but I have some fat on my outer thigh and I want to get rid off
If i do this workout 3 times a week .. would I reach my goal ?
do i have to do cardio workouts if i play tennis twice a week?
thanks in advance


11/17/12 6:18am

You know you've gained some muscle when you can now do this workout piece of cake :D


11/07/12 3:22pm

Hi i really like your workouts, I've been doing them for about a month but haven't really seen a difference yet but i'll keep going. i'm 14 5' 9'' and about 148 pounds and i would really like to get slimmer legs and fill out my hips to get that perfect s line but i don't know what i should be doing for that. I would really appreciate a response, thanks for all your hard work.


10/30/12 11:50pm

plz suggest workouts i can do at home..

thank you..


10/30/12 11:49pm

hello kelli
your workouts are really great!
i'm 21 and weigh 57kgs..my height is 5ft.. i want to shed all the fats from thighs and tone up arms, thighs and glutes.
which workouts would u suggest?

is there any way to download the videos so that i can use them whenever and wherever i wish

looking forward for ur reply!

keep up the great work1


09/11/12 7:03am

about the side leg raises and the pendulums, does the form require that the toes and knees of the raised leg be facing directly in front of you? would it destroy the form if the toes are pointed toward the ceiling? and for the knees, is it okay to bend them a bit?
thanks! love your videos, im going on my 2nd week and im very optimistic for the results!


09/02/12 2:13pm

I love the slider squats! Thank you guys so much for all your videos, I do them everyday! When I'm no longer a broke student I will definitely donate, but for now I tell everybody about your site and post on pintrest. Again, you guys are the best

fitness blender

07/23/12 7:39pm

@andra13 - If you really dislike cardio that much, use it just to warm up (try and "sneak" 15 minutes in on yourself before you realize what you're dong!) before jumping into routines that you enjoy more, like this one. Cardio has it's health benefits, so you don't want to eradicate it completely, but you can get fit with workouts like the one above.

@lamita You can't spot reduce, and building muscle is only going to help you burn off fat, not bulk you up. Thank you for sharing Fitness Blender with family and friends!


07/21/12 5:53pm

hi i just discovered you through youtube and i'm glad for that!! All your workouts look amazing, you've done a good work so far, moroever it's for free!! For a college student like me, it's what i've been looking for :D
Well, i don't really exercise and i have no stamina, so i really want to reshape my body and become full of energy!! I'm a pear shaped woman: i have a small chest "A cup" (so i'm afraid to make them smaller with exercise :s) and a large lower body. My biggest problem is having BAD CELLULITE in my butt (so it looks bigger), my hips and thighs until my knees and my skin look awful :s
I'm really desperate, i don't really know what type of exercises i have to do. I'm just afraid of building muscles under the fat. So my question is: are these exercises made for this specific body shape.
I'm SORRY for the long message, but i really need your help and hope you'll answer me.
Thanks a lot for your hard work, i'll make sure to show your website to my family and friends ;)


07/05/12 6:07am

Hello! Firstly I must say I love your workouts! They really inspire me to start exercising more :D But I have one question: are workouts like this one enough if I want to lose about 10 pounds? And by that I mean - do I really, absolutely need to also include cardio in my daily exercise routine? I know that cardio has many advantages and it's a lot more effective, but I find it almost impossible to include it in my routine for many many different reasons which I will not bore you with.

In my humble opinion I think that combinations of workouts like the one above will be enough because until now I've been VERY sedentary... I'm 19 and I can say I've never exercised. The only thing stopping me from becoming overweight was my healthy, balanced diet.

Just so you know, I'm 5'5" and weigh 135 pounds. Please, I really need the opinion of a specialist. Thanks! :) Have a great day


05/07/12 3:40pm

wow ;) thanx guys , I've enjoyed a lot of !!!

fitness blender

04/17/12 9:57am

Khaniram - This workout burns a good deal of calories & firms up the body at the same time, so yes, this is a good option for you.


04/17/12 6:32am

hey i m 141 lbs n want to reduce weight... is this workout gonna work or suggest me d best suited workout....waiting for reply

fitness blender

03/24/12 1:00pm

I love that, Monette! If you can't do the Frog Leg Lifts, try doing a regular Back Bow (without your knees bent or feet pressed together) or Kneeling Rear Leg Raise - you can find demos of both under "Exercises". I was sore after this one, too. Keep up the good work! Kelli


03/24/12 12:45pm

Kelli you are my favorite workout buddy! I can't do those darn frog leg lift, but other than that this workout is awesome. It hurts in places I didn't even know I had muscles :)


02/27/14 2:55pm

I have a lot of trouble with those too, Ill also try Kelli's suggestions! My legs only go up a quarter inch! lol

fitness blender

03/21/12 10:39am

We love referrals, thank you Puppet. We are not planning on slowing down any time soon, so you will have no shortage of workouts to choose from! -Kelli


03/21/12 2:21am

this is definitely going to be my favourite workout, I love so much working out with you, I've already recommended your website to some friends, thanks for everything you never let us get bored!

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