1000 Calorie Workout Video - Fitness Blender's 84 Minute HIIT Cardio, Strength, & Abs


Calorie burn:

671 to 1022





Equipment Needed:


Workout type:

Cardiovascular, HIIT, Strength Training, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

You guys liked our last 1000 calorie workout video so much that we wanted to expedite the process to bring you a new one as soon as possible. Sure it takes hours (and hours, and hours...okay, maybe days) of editing, but for as excited as you guys get for the release of our new workout videos, I think that we are probably just as excited, if not more, to build and share them with you.

This new at home 1000 calorie workout has all of the same elements of the last one, weaving in multiple types of training to keep you from getting bored, even though the video is nearly an hour and a half long.

If you decide to brave this workout, you will go through a 6 minute cardio warm up, a 32 minute HIIT routine, 25 minutes of strength training, 11 minutes of abs, and a thorough cool down and stretch. We try to keep it fun, but make no mistake that this will be work!

We give you a couple of water breaks throughout the video and we strongly suggest that you take them. In fact, this workout is long enough that it’s not a bad idea to even take a snack break, just to make sure that you have enough fuel to make it through the entire routine with your 100% best effort.

About the 1000 calorie burn
Not everyone will burn 1000 calories doing this video, but some will burn over 1000 calories. A lot of people use heart rate monitors to estimate their burn during a workout; do keep in mind that a heart rate monitor is notorious inaccurate for calculating caloric expenditure (in terms of both over and underestimating). Everyone is different, and exact calorie burn depends on a large number of variables specific to each individual. Make sure that you are pushing yourself through the duration of the workout to ensure that you are expending energy towards the top range of our estimates. Do remember though, that it’s not all about calorie burn; exercise is about feeling good, feeling strong, clearing your head, and maintaining your health and energy.

How many times a week can I do this workout?
This routine has several kinds of training that the body needs time to recover from (HIIT and strength training, specifically). For that reason, you don’t want to do this routine every day; three times a week would be great, and you would ideally combine it with some of our lighter toning and lower impact cardio workout videos on those other “off” days when you aren’t doing this video. With that said, take into account you would be better off mixing up our many, many workout videos instead of doing the same ones over and over.

We hope you enjoy this workout! Let us know if you want more like it, we always listen & try our best to deliver.


Tara Chantal

04/12/15 1:19am

Feeling pretty darn good after this! I was off all exercise except pilates for 3 years, had hip replacement surgery in September, and have been working up to this - I am ever so pleased that I could do it all!! I am sure I did not burn 1,000 calories, but, echoing others, it was being able to complete the topic workout that gives me such a charge. Thank you so much, Kelli and Daniel! Oh, happy day indeed!

Tara Chantal

04/12/15 1:18am

Feeling pretty darn good after this! I was off all exercise except pilates for 3 years, had hip replacement surgery in September, and have been working up to this - I am ever so pleased that I could do it all!! I am sure I did not burn 1,000 calories, but, echoing others, it was being able to complete the topic workout that gives me such a charge. Thank you so much, Kelli and Daniel! Oh, happy day indeed!

04/04/15 2:17pm

For those of you who asked for a printable version :)
-6 minute cardio warm up
-32 minute HIIT routine,
-25 minutes strength training,
-11 minutes of abs
-Cool down and stretch

40 Seconds arm circles (forward and back on one side then switch)
40 Seconds Boxer Shuffle
40 Seconds Toe Touch Kicks
40 Seconds Lateral Step Pulls
40 Seconds Torso Twists
40 Seconds Squats
40 Seconds Slow Burpees
40 Seconds Jumping Jacks
40 Seconds Butt Kickers

HIIT WORKOUT(20 on 10 off x4 per exercise, 13 exercises total)

1) Squat Jack Burpees
2) 3 Pusle Jumping Lunges
3) Double Down Pushup (pulse at the bottom of the push up)
4) Heel Tap Seesaws (tap heels at top and bottom)
5) Squat Kicks (squat and kick left, squat kick right)
6) Wide Burpees + 2 Butt Kickers

2 Minute Water Break + Active Rest

7) 2 Knee Tucks + 2 Plank Jacks
8) Wall Sits
9) Split Jumps
10) 3 Calf Raises + 1 Jump Squat
11) Switchfoot Mt. Climbers
12) Squat Pulse Burpees (3 Pulses/hops when when come up from the plank)

2 Minute Water Break +Active Rest


Group One
A) Squats
B) Supine Chest Press (lying down)

Group Two
A) Deadlift
B) Reverse Fly

Group Three
A) Supine Pullovers
B) Bridges

Group Four
A) Alternating Lunges
B) Overhead Presses

Group Five
A) Dumbell Curls
B) Outside Thigh Raise (left and right side = 1 set)

Group Six
A) Tricep Extensions
B) Inside Thigh Raise (left and right side = 1 set)

2 Minute Water Break + Active Rest

CORE (10 exercises, 45 seconds each)

1) Reverse Crunch
2) Oblique Toe Touches
3) Crunch Pulses
4) Heel Taps (on stomach, 2 heel taps then open)
5) Russian Twists
6) Oblique Jackknife Crunches
7) Bicycle Crunches
8) Side Hip Raises Left Side, Right Side
9) Knee Tuck Crunches
10) Oblique Crunch Pulses Left Side, Right Side

COOL DOWN (20 seconds x stretch)

1) Toe Touch Stretch (hamstrings, low back)
2) Lunging Inside Thigh Stretch Left then Right
3) Wide Stance Stretch (feet two to three times shoulder width apart)
4) Hip Flexor and shoulder combo (lunge left with left arm across, switch)
5) Tricep Stretch (grab elbow behind you, switch)
6) Wall Chest Stretch (left and right)
7) Wall Calf Stretch (left and right)
8) Quad Stretch (heel to butt, left and right)
9) Downward Dog
10) Cobra Stretch
11) Child's Pose
12) Deep Glute Stretch (on back, right ankle over left knee, switch)
13) Torso Stretch (left and right side)
14) Full Body Stretch



03/30/15 8:21am

DONE!! Thank you

03/21/15 11:27pm

Great workout, Peace of cake!


03/21/15 4:41pm

i just completed this workout . heyyy :)
whenever i see the the complete workout time i could say yes to this workout but finally i did it today .. feeling great .. thanku so much ....
and i dont know weather i burned 1000 calories or not (atleast 600) but feeling good ..
love u guys .. keep up the good work ...


02/13/15 4:47pm

i love all your workouts guys!!! im seriously considering to buy your 8 week program.


02/08/15 3:26am

That feeling when you finish the HIIT routine. After that strength training ist like resting for me (maybe because I do not own heavy weights and do everything with just 5 lbs per hand).
I love your 1000 calorie workouts. I do them twice a week alternating, combining with some shorter cardio or strength-workouts on the other days. Thank you so much for this website!


01/20/15 3:07pm

I really hate the exercises for the abs/core when laying on your back. It triggers my oesophagus and makes me feel really nauseous, so I have had to swap them for other core exercises.


12/30/14 2:34pm

Ha i worked up the courage to finally do 1000 cal workout....and it was easier than i expected...but don´t get me wrong, it was hard--- but not cruel- just the right thing to boost your ego and one step closer to the body i desire!!! thank you so much for all these awesome workouts


12/02/14 7:20am

is it bad to do these consecutively after a day? what i mean is I am already going to workout and hopefully work out hard why not do another 1000 calorie workout. not like 5-6 days a week, but I do work out 5-6 days a week and switch it up quite a bit. Just wanting to bump up my workouts some more and was curious!!


11/12/14 1:37pm

By the time I got to the bicycle crunches in the abs burnout round, I was emitting guttural cavewoman grunts. YOWW! What a workout!

This is my favorite 1000 cal workout thus far. I love all the "evil" hiit combos too!

Thanks yet again, guys!


11/07/14 11:00am

Wow! I get it! Awesome and hard workout. AND, now, I have perfect mood. (I wanna dance! But my muscles hurt:D)


10/09/14 3:44pm

Love the long workouts with lots of cardio, thank you for another one of "My Favourites"!


07/30/14 5:58am

Love these 1000 calorie work outs!!!! I sweat bullets throughout the videos and feel so accomplished after I'm done :)
Love you guys!


07/19/14 1:20pm

Hi. I am starting to workout and I have a question. If I do 1000 Jumping Jacks a day with a good diet. Could I lose 10 pounds in a month?

eva s.

07/04/14 10:51am

I'm in love with 1000-calorie workout videos!
I would definitely want more like these!
Thank you so much :)


06/15/14 12:18pm

I am doing this workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I have been doing different ones on Tuesday and Thursday and Sunday because I go to Zumba on those days. I am trying to slim down my legs, which have a lot of fat in them. Could you advised other exercise I could do to make it efficient. I have been doing on the off days the lean mean leg one is it alright to do so?


06/15/14 12:18pm

I am doing thi workout on Monday, wednesday and Friday and I have been doing different ones on Tuesday and Thursday and Sunday because I go to Zumba on those days. I am trying to slim down my legs, which have a lot of fat in them. Could you advised other exercise I could do to make it efficient. I have been doing on the off days the lean mean leg one is it alright to do so?


05/31/14 6:34am

I like these, not because it's burning 1000 cal. (mine probably don't) but because it's a good intense workout. I do them once a week or every other week depending on time, right before my rest day.


05/27/14 2:38pm

I've started that workout but I couldn't end it :( It's fu**ing hard for me because I'm beginner :) However, I'll do it some day. I must!


05/27/14 2:39pm

Ohh... and greetings from Poland ;*


05/17/14 9:52pm

5/17/14- That was intense! That was the first 1hr+ workout I've done in like months and it was killer! I am proud that I stuck with it though the HIIT part was seriously rough and mentally had to keep myself going. I've been doing your workouts for over a year now (when I'm behaving) and I just thank you guys for all your hard work! You both rock! Thank you!


04/23/14 3:52pm

I've been using FitnessBlender for a few months now, and I finally worked up enough courage to try this as my first 1,00 calorie workout. Wow! It was tough, but it feels great to be finished it. If you haven't done it yet, give it a try. Just remember that the HIIT is the hardest part. Once you make it through that, the rest will seem like a walk in the park (well, mostly). Good luck, and thanks, Daniel and Kelly, for this awesome workout!


04/20/14 10:42am

First 1000 calorie workout I've done! I can really feel the burn! Thanks y'all!


03/29/14 12:45pm

I made it!!!Oh my.....I cannot actually talk right now....We want more!!!


03/25/14 9:19pm

My hubby and I have just done our first 1000 calorie HIIT workout today! Yay! I'm so grateful to you and proud of myself to have come to this day that I can complete such a workout. My first HIIT routine was less than 20 minutes and I almost passed out during the first mountain climber~


03/13/14 3:08pm

This was my "Everest" workout...and I did it!! When I kept up through the HIIT portion, I knew it was thanks to all of your wonderful workouts. I'd love to see more of these; the variety is just enough to keep you guessing and never bored. Love it! Thanks you guys!


03/08/14 2:25am

Love these 1000 calorie workouts! Do you have any new ones of these coming out on the site?
Or maybe a long boot camp workout or a long HIIT interval one ;) I love/hate the long & hard routines. you guys do such a great job, keep up the great work! And thank you for all these awesome videos.


03/07/14 3:48am

I really do love these workouts they are really complete leaving the "off" days to do different types of exercise, whilst knowing you have worked every single muscle with these ones!
I managed to complete it and would love other different 100 calorie workouts with that tiny tweak of variation that you do, Bravo Kelli!


02/25/14 12:57pm

Love these workouts, they really are great with the HIIT, strength, and abs all in one workout. It is such a good feeling when you finish these longer, tough routines. You guys are awesome!


02/24/14 8:26pm

That. Was. Awesome. This has been bookmarked for a while and I finally got it done! I was intimidated by the length but it was not only great, but I think I could have done more cardio at the end. The only issues I faced were getting my brain to understand the HIIT moves and my neck got tired during the ab work.

Thank you for all you do!


02/22/14 1:28pm

Can I divide it over the day and get the same benefits, let me know how I can do that,which segments best combined.


02/18/14 4:21pm

I love these 1000 calorie workouts! please make more of these!!


02/15/14 11:21am

Awesome workout. The HIIT section was challenging. Great job


02/15/14 12:24am

Just finished this workout and feeling so good and sweaty. Love the routines and changes in this workout. Well done guys!!


02/13/14 3:21pm

Kelli, I love your shirt so much! The bow in the back is the cutest little detail and gave me added motivation to finish the workout :) May I ask where you bought it? Thank you so much!


01/19/14 4:17pm

Crazy workout! I'm exausted and happy! Thank you for your amazing videos!


01/06/14 1:17pm

This is crazy, but I really love it. Thank you so much guys for making me able to watch it and do excercises with you for free. This is something I love in keeping fit - giving as much as I can till I feel like I'm almost fainting, but it's so challenging! I just would like to know how much do these dumbells weight? I'd be really satisfied if u'll answer me. Greets from Poland, you guys ROCK!! :)))


12/16/13 5:34am

Every time I do the HIIT part of this workout I end up feeling very faint, as if I am about to collapse. I am quite fit, I do moderate - intense exercise 6 days a week, including swimming, running and fb HIIT workouts, but my body can't seem to cope with this workout! Is this normal?


02/13/14 3:25pm

Hey shadowfeet - do you have low blood pressure? I have unusually low blood pressure and exercises like burpees or mountain climbers combined with jumps nearly make me pass out when I do them too quickly, because my blood pressure is too low to get the blood back in my head in time. I usually do the workouts and leave out those exercises that involve on-the-floor work as well as jumps, instead replacing them with kickboxing routines from other FitnessBlender videos. Hope that helps!


12/14/13 11:30am

Thanks so much. That was great! I'm starving!


12/09/13 10:31am

I can't believe I made it through! I have been following you guys for 3 months and I will never look back!! Keep up the awesome/inspiring work!!


11/30/13 7:52am

I've seen people ask numerous times about heart rate monitors not being accurate and how they should best calculate their calorie burn. I'm not Kelli or Daniel, not at all associated with FitnessBlender (just a disclaimer, so K & D may not agree with me at all), but I think there is way too much emphasis placed on the number of calories you've burned. The idea of "burn more calories than you take in to lose weight" is far too simplistic. The factors related to metabolism, as well as hunger and your body's natural homeostasis, are enormous and complex, and highly variable between people. So while these 1000 calorie workouts are fantastic, and a good choice for anyone who wants a solid, well-rounded, highly challenging workout, I don't think people should get too caught up in the precise numbers. Eat clean and exercise well - that's the best you can do for yourself :)


11/29/13 10:20am

I just finished as my post Thanksgiving Challenge (I loved your video about Holiday eating and took your advice, I even tried the corn in the mashed potatoes trick...excellent). Quick question: I stopped after the HIIT portion for about half an hour and did a minute of jumping jacks to get my heart rate back up before starting in again for the strength and abs. Would that effect the overall calorie burn or benefit I might get from the routine?


11/28/13 2:50pm

Dear Kelli and Daniel,
I absolutely love your 8 week programs! I've done Round 1 twice through, and I'm going through Round 3 for the fourth time now. This 1000 calorie workout is in it twice, and I have to say, though I can do every rep and keep up with Kelli now, it still kicks my butt by the time it's over! I love you guys and you two are my morning routine six days a week. In fact, you have inspired me. I live in Australia (originally from the U.S.) and I work in Aged Care. Because of you two and all your hard work, I now have a love of health, exercise and nutrition, and I am undertaking a Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness because I am aspiring to continue to work with older people but on a level of fitness and well-being. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much for everything you do. You've definitely changed my life and I know so many others as well.


10/24/13 4:16am

You mention that a heart rate monitor isn't accurate for measuring calorie burn, what would you guys advise as the most effective way of calculating calorie burn?
Thank you so much for all your hard work getting these videos/work plans/advice out there. You're both helping me change my life :)


10/18/13 5:48pm

Thank you so (so so soooo) much for your carefully planned workouts, love your awesome videos! These 1000 calorie workouts are the best, I've never dripped so much sweat before. Ew. ;-)
Keep on being awesome and thanks again!!


10/15/13 7:17am

I love love love your 1k calorie workouts! Definitely keep them coming!


10/08/13 3:42am

That was awesome! I did it as day 15 of your weight loss programme. You said day 14 is kind of light to not make me sore for that one. But my shoulders were sore from day 13! Was very good though and I managed to blast this one :D


09/18/13 12:33pm

love. i am doing your workout plan for busy people, and I swapped this out on a day i was less busy. once i got through the HIIT everything else seemed easy. holy cats.


09/02/13 8:49pm

So today is labor day and my local gym was closed and I always look forward going really hard (exercises) on Mondays. So the idea of not being able to workout today didn't seem like a good one. On the past few days I saw the link for this video but was to scared to try it. So today was the day that I gathered enough courage to not just star it, but also FINISH THE HOLE THING!!! I really loved the workout, kept me motivated, and it felt great!!!!! Awesome job you guys


08/18/13 4:47pm

Just finished this workout. I feel so accomplished. Thanks again for another fantastic workout!


08/16/13 1:33pm

I am proud of myself :)))


07/27/13 3:03pm

Hi ilove your workouts, even purchased round3, i find my self having difficulty in lunges :( i think i failed this work out probably i just got 500 cal out. could i redo it again 2mrow? but i am following ur workout plan. help help help i really need to lose weight in ur 8 weeks plan.


07/23/13 1:32pm

Would you be able to put a printable version of the workout on the site please?


07/06/13 8:06am

first time I did it was harder, but today is a warmer day....sweated so much! Thanks for all these great videos and specially the programs, they are of great help


06/24/13 6:33pm

I just love you guys so much! The fact that there is mobile version of your website does wonders for accessibility.
I keep spreading the word and will continue to do so.


06/15/13 10:12pm

Love, love, love this workout! This was my first time trying one of the 1000 calorie workouts...happy to say I survived and will be working this into my weekly rotation. Thanks guys!


06/15/13 9:01am

Hey guys! I've falled in love with your workouts over the last few months and the results are just WOW! I've usually hated cardio and especially plyo and avoided it but the changes I've seen are so worth it and I"m getting in such great shape! Today's my birthday and there's nothing I love more than a good workout, so this was my birthday gift to myself! Thanks so much! Keep up the great videos!


06/11/13 7:30am

I did it! Feel amazing now :) I pushed myself very hard during the HIIT part of this workout, by the end I was shaking so much that I had to stop and have a banana before the strength training. This is probably the most I have ever pushed myself during a workout. Thanks Daniel and Kelli :)


06/05/13 1:05pm

I just finished this epic workout - real great!
But after bicycle crunch - I was not able to move my body up to a sitting position, because of burning Abs - and what do I see on my monitor......Kelli is laughing (1:11:25) ;-)
Now I´m feeling great, because of the fact that I was able to finish this workout......3 weeks ago I thought this will be an unreachable goal ....thank you so much for helping me to get fitter!


06/03/13 6:23pm

Another super fun & HARD workout! I just did it all (even though I had to take longer brakes than the 10 seconds ones during the HIIT segment, from time to time). It was definitely a toughy but loved how I felt after I finished ;)


05/21/13 12:33pm

Girl I do NOT know how you can do this whole workout with a smile on your face. I was definitely not smiling during all those lunges... Thanks for the great workout!


05/01/13 8:58am

This...was...GREAT!! I've done the other 1000 Cal. workout a few times, but I like this one better :) It has lots of leg work in the cardio, which I need. And I especially like the 4X's format as opposed to an 8X's. Thanks again!!
My son needs to do some fitness work before he applies to the Air Force and I'm going to recommend FitnessBlender to him.


04/29/13 3:16pm

Hi, I just finished this workout and I made sure I didn't allow myself any easy way out. I just wanted to inquire about how to calculate an estimate on how many calories I burned? I have a weight loss app on my phone and I record all my workouts, but they ask for calories burned. So just wondering if you could help me out on that? Thanks for you great videos! They are my Go-To's!


04/29/13 12:59am

i love this exercise..and a lot other more that i been following from fitness blender..i have started working out constantly for almost three weeks now almost 6 days per week and a day rest..ive experienced a whole lot difference with my body but the only problem now is i get really really hungry after my workout sessions nowadays..i normally make myself a tall glass of smoothie right after..it seems not enough now..any advice?


04/28/13 7:55am

For burning fat, wouldn't it be better to put the strength training in front of the HIIT?

Thank you guys for this website!!!!!


04/19/13 1:31pm

Thank you so much for the free videos!!! I am so obsessed with these videos that I no longer go to my gym!! I hope these videos will continue to be free! keep up the good work Kelli and Daniel!!!!


03/30/13 4:07pm

Love the 1000 calorie workouts!
*I want more* :)


03/20/13 2:33pm

Dear Kelli and Daniel,

first of all, thank you for doing such a good job! Since I'm suffering from hip dysplasia, I'm not allowed to jump that much, so I can't do some of the exercises in your HIIT workouts, which is a pity. Do you think that could put out a HIIT video without any jumps? Love from Germany!


03/16/13 9:23am

i did this workout today :) amazing
i will continue doing the hour and over workouts on my days off


03/11/13 6:32am

Did this workout for the first time today. Even though I was a stammering fool during the HIIT, by the time I completed the entire workout, I was thinking of how I could re-arrange my weekly schedule so that I can do it again!! (And this is coming from someone who only started working out 2 months ago.) Great program!


03/08/13 3:51am

Dear Kelli & Daniel,

I came across this 1000 calorie burn workout thinking that it might be a lot of work. As I tried and completed this full workout today (08.3.13), I was dripping sweat, completely burnt out. Through the workout I felt as if I was almost finished, didn't have the stamina to go further, but I did and yes your 2 min. water breaks helped a lot. I would honestly add that I did take a couple extra mins rest throughout the complete length of this wonderful workout. I hope I did burn the pure 1000+ cals. Nonetheless I surely want to try more of your workouts. Great Work you guys put in for all of us.. Cheers!! Look forward to future advice.


02/28/13 8:36am

I loved your first 1000 calorie video but I think I liked this one even better. I am about half way through your first 8 week fat loss program but when I saw you had a new 1000 calorie video I was so excited that I had to do it on a Saturday morning. I loved it! I am amazed each day when I do your workouts at how you manage to incorporate such variety. Thank you!!


02/21/13 12:51am

SUPERB is just not the word!
Kelli you rock!


02/17/13 7:45pm

I really LOVED this workout!! It had just the right intensity and pace to make it a challenge but not too hard so that you'd get frustrated and give up. I am looking forward to doing it again and again with a goal of sweating more and more each time.


02/17/13 12:47am

i did it! i have a question, i weigh 101 lbs, female, did i burn same as 1000 calories or lower? i followed everything and no stopping in between. thank you!

eva s.

07/04/14 11:53am

First of all, good job!!!

"did i burn same as 1000 calories or lower?"

This can't be answered for sure, as the amount of calories that someone's burn during an activity, such as a workout like this one, is the outcome of many factors; sex, age, height, weight, general body structure and functions, amount of effort, metabolism, weights or resistance you may use during exercises, etc.
But, considering your weight, you most likely have burnt less calories than the maximum mark on this workout.
However, if you achieve to complete a brutal workout like this correctly, you shouldn't really mind about the calories you've burnt :D

Wish I've helped a little bit :)


02/15/13 2:41pm

Such a fun workout! I love all the creative, albeit painful variations of exercises you come up with! ;-) They really challenge the body, but keep the mind from getting bored!


02/14/13 10:29am

Holy moly! This is quite the workout. Great job guys! I can feel the burn :)


02/08/13 3:09am

I was limited in time and only did the first two parts of this routine. That took me about 60' and I burnd 950 kcl ! So thats just fantastic !!! Absolutely great. Thanks again and again !


02/07/13 1:32pm

The HIIT part of this work out is by far the hardest I have done out of all of your HIIT workouts. I love how you get a variety of everything here. Unfortunately I was unable to get through every set of every HIIT exercise, but as soon as I felt a burst of energy I just kept pushing. Sometimes the burn in my legs just makes it impossible, but boy did I work up a sweat!!


02/05/13 12:56pm

I just did it and I love it...The part that we have to sit, omg i almost cry lol....I cant feel my legs lol, we still burn calories after doing it? Every hiit has the same effect, right? Sorry for my silly question...Thanks guys for another awesome workout!

eva s.

07/04/14 11:32am

"we still burn calories after doing it?"
During the next few hours after a workout, yes, we burn more calories than we would if we hadn't exercised. This is claimed to happen especially with vigorous aerobic, or even strength training, workouts (while this constitues a controversial matter).
This particular workout absolutely boosts your metabolism though!

"Every hiit has the same effect, right?"
I'm not really sure what you mean here, but HIIT (like the first section of this video), as I said, delivers this "afterburn" effect. Your body keeps burning additional calories after completing your workout.
However, I'm not sure about the amount of excess calories that you're supposed to burn. This may have to do with the intensity or the length of the workout, but I may be wrong on this... so don't take it into account! ;P

Hope I've been of some help! :D

P.S. These are not silly questions at all. On the contrary, they're very reasonable ones!


02/05/13 12:51pm

This was a GREAT workout. I didn't think I'd make it through the entire workout. Success. I must improve time next go round. So glad I found you Fitness Blender.


02/04/13 9:34pm

Just finished this workout, I loved the 1st 1000 cal workout but I love this one even more! HIIT was intense! The cool down and stretching at the end was great, my muscles were needing it. Great job guys!


02/04/13 11:26am

WOW WOW WOW I'm in love lol!! I just did the other 1000 calorie one on Saturday and came back to do it again today and saw this and gave it a try. Awesome workout and burn!! You are all AWESOME!! Thanks again for another amazing workout!!

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