HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout – 30 Minute At Home HIIT Workout with Abs Exercises

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Let’s be realistic, most of you probably use our HIIT workouts to burn off unwanted fat because they burn such a high amount of calories in such a short period of time. Along with trying to shed unwanted pounds you are probably going for a flat stomach at the same time, so why not attack that goal from multiple angles? Well, that is exactly what this workout does by combining the fat melting power of HIIT with core toning and strengthening exercises to increase definition.

Whether you are just starting and want to drop the extra fat you are carrying or you are already there and just want a bit more definition, this routine will help you get to your goal. The benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) have been covered may times before here at FitnessBlender.com and we never get tired of talking about how effective it is at burning calories at a higher rate than traditional cardio; not to mention its ability to raise your resting metabolism for up to 48 hours after your workout is done, something known as the “after burn” effect. So, using HIIT training to burn off that unwanted fat weight is by far the best way to go but dropping the fat is only half of the equation. The other half is related to the strength/size and tone of the muscles you want to show up; in this case your abdominal muscles.

Building the abdominal muscles and making them more visible is where the core exercises come in. By adding in exercises that strengthen and tone your abs, this workout turns a fat burning routine into a stomach flattening routine.

We have set up this routine with a cardio HIIT component known as Tabata and a timed core exercise. The HIIT component is simply a specific interval style composed of 20 seconds of activity followed by 10 seconds of rest for a predetermined number of sets in this case we use 4 sets equaling 2 minutes. Once the 4 sets of the cardio exercise are complete we have you do 50 seconds straight of an abdominal exercise to fatigue the stomach muscles to build endurance and tone. We also choose exercises that are relatively difficult (and easily modified) to hopefully build strength and a small amount of size to make those abdominal muscles stand out. Once your 50 seconds of core are up then we move to the next group and start the pattern over with two new exercises.

The exercises and groupings used in this workout video are as follows:

HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout

Section One: Warm Up

Lateral Pulls
Front Kicks
Lateral Hops
Jumping Jacks
Flutter Kick Squats
Side Kicks
Up and Outs

Section Two: Workout

Jump Squats
V Sit Leg Drops

Mt. Climber Get Ups
Crunch Pulses

4 Butt Kickers + 2 Jack Steps
Mt. Top Russian Twist

Ski Squat Jacks
Reverse Crunches

Active Rest (very light cardio; walking in place)

Twisted High Knees
Bicycle Crunches

Broad Jump + 3 Hops
Reclined Rotations

2 Hooks + 2 Upper Cuts
Oblique Jack Knife Crunches

Lunging Toe Touches
Alternating Plank Kicks

(Be sure to cool down and stretch)

Because of the style of exercises and workout structure you can expect to burn 8-12 calories per minute giving you a total burn of 261-374 calories for this 30-minute routine. We have included the calorie burn for the warm up in the total as well so the average calories per minute for this routine are a bit lower than similar routines that do not include a warm up or cool down. Also keep in mind that these are just estimates and individual results could be lower or higher than the range we calculated.


uknowulovemee01 Blender Account

About how many calories would this workout burn for a 116 pound woman? I'm not sure how many to subtract from 261, since I remember from other videos that you base that number off of a 130 lb person. Thanks for your help!

Michelle Google Account

I was wondering the same :/. Do you know how many calories ?? I really would like to know how much

Serena Google Account

I'm really not sur but,
261 kcal / 130 lbs = 2.007 kcal/lbs
2.007kcal/lbs * 116 lbs = 232.8 kcal
So you burn approximately 232 calories :) hope I helped

quarantine Blender Account

How many times a week should this workout be carried out? Is doing this 30 minute workout a day enough to achieve a healthy body or is a longer workout more effective? I am not overweight but I would like to tighten my body. If it helps, i'm around 120 pounds and 5'2. Thank you!

zaid Blender Account

hey there,
i am 130 pounds and around 5'1 female....i want to reduce my weight.My main problem areas is that of upper body.I'd like you to suggest some of your workouts!This workout looks good but it seems to hard for me ..!

remix Blender Account

hey i m 105 pounds and 18 yrs old .... can i do this workout?
i want to tighten my body .....

hollyrae Blender Account

Did this workout today for the first time, thanks for another great free workout video!!

kikotoast Blender Account

That was really challenging! I like that you give us a bit of a break in the middle and finish off with something more intense. Thank you!!

VeraThaxton Facebook Account

Wow guys, you should see my face right now. Red and super sweaty. I did it. I pushed through it telling myself that my muscles are fine, it's my brain that wants to quit! YEAH! I feel so great! ENDORPHINS!! :D :D :D

ting.ruan Facebook Account

This work out is fun, thanks! I am sweating crazy!

kbinner Blender Account

Des this workout help to lift and tighten your butt as well as your abs?

cfred Blender Account

This helps burn the fat situated in your butt as well as it works your butt muscles, so yes it does :) But if you are looking to really tone and lift your butt, you should check out Fitness Blenders lower body videoes, they have some really awesome ones!

cfred Blender Account

I've done this workout so many times, but I simply love it! Those twisted high knees always get me!

Faseolamina Google Account

Thank you so much, guys!

I'm alternating Kelli's Booty Workout - whith great results em 4 weeks - and Upper Body Superset Workout.
With Abs in the "rest" day

1 day Booty, 1 day Abs, 1 day Upper, 1 day Abs... and repeat

In the day before lower body workout this routine is great!
With the legs sore, I like to do Advanced Core Burning Workout, or the Cardio Kickboxing Workout with Abs.

Have to say, you chenge my life! The last 9 months I've trainning hard in home, and feel a completely different person.

ilovefitnessblender Blender Account

When i started with fitnessblender hitt was somethig i could not imagine to finish. Now am at tha point where im scrolling trough them and thinking wich one im gonna do tomorrow. Its amazing how strong and fit i got in these last months.

mommyof4 Blender Account

Did this workout today. I was really tired during this workout for some reason. Any suggestions of why?

pp31 Blender Account

I'm going to try this one straight away! Kelli I love your shoes, which ones are they?

orourkesullivan Facebook Account

Loved this workout. Did it for the first time a few says ago and am doing it again today. After a year on Fitness Blender, I have become more fit than I ever have been - and motivated! Thanks so much.

anniebecker Blender Account

How many times a week should you do this workout?

liz.p.dennis Facebook Account

I can't get the video to load. Do I need a certain player?

promisedfitness Blender Account

So, my hubby is in the state police academy. Almost every day of the academy he is put through intense physical training. I promised my hubby that by the time he graduates in February, I would be in good physical shape as well. I'm thin, just not toned or able to even run a mile without having to stop and catch my breath. Before we married, I was a strong dairy farm girl, and very fit. Well, I'm keeping to that promise of getting fit! I am on week 5 of your round 2, 8 week fat loss program, and I love it! This workout was great! The twisted high knees were the hardest for me! I'm going to keep plugging away, and I can't wait to see how fit I'll be come February! Thank you Kelli and Daniel!

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