Burpee (Lv 1)

Exercise Instructions

From a standing position, squat down low and place your hands palm down on the ground just outside of your feet.
Keep your hands in place and quickly hop both feet straight back so that you are now in a full push up position.
Quickly hop your feet back underneath your body and stand back up. Repeat quickly until done with all repetitions.

Exercise Purpose

The Level 1 Burpee is a great total body move that focuses on strengthening and toning the legs and core. With high repetitions in quick succession this is also great for challenging your cardiovascular endurance, specifically your anaerobic threshold. This is another great addition to a home workout due to its use of multiple muscle groups, which burns more calories in less time. Once you have mastered this version, move on to the Level 2 Burpee.


hunnypooh Blender Account

this exercise is really challenging, and i wonder how many reps i should do? i try to do this exercise 2 times a week.

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