Kelli’s Honey Go-Go Juice – ACV Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

Kelli’s Honey Go-Go Juice – ACV Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe
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I’ve read about the health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar for years now, but had never gotten around to trying it myself.

In just the last couple of months, I have been experimenting with it a bit, taking 2 tablespoons in water, twice a day. Since then, my skin has become more clear, my energy levels are up, and strangely enough, my cravings for “bad” foods – the stuff that cheat meals are made of – have drastically diminished if not all together disappeared.

If you have followed Fitness Blender for any length of time, you know that we are not big on supplements (I don’t even take vitamins) because we believe that you should aim to get your vitamins, minerals and nutrients from real, whole foods. I’m definitely not vouching for ACV as a quick fix potion for every ailment out there, and it might not make a difference for everyone, but I will say that I am going to be adding it to my routine for the longterm, after the changes that I have seen in this short amount of time.

My theory is that if it’s benefitting my health and making me feel better, my husband Daniel should be drinking it as well. Unfortunately, every time I opened the bottle with him in the same room, he would start making gagging noises. So I started combining it with some different fresh juices to make it more tolerable so that he would hopefully start to drink it.

This is what I came up with – still all natural and healthy, but the extra ingredients make the apple cider vinegar much easier and even enjoyable to drink, if the stuff is too potent for you when only diluted with water.

Apple Cider Vinegar Juice Recipe
2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Raw Unflavored 32oz
1 Tablespoon Pure Honey
12 Ounces Water
1/2 Orange; freshly squeezed

How to make it:
Add the honey and the ACV into a Ball jar or glass that you can cap and shake well without worrying about it leaking. Next add the water, and then squeeze half of an orange’s juice into the drink. Cap and shake vigorously, making sure that the honey in the bottom has been completely mixed in.

* Important: About the ACV that you use – It needs to be unfiltered, organic, raw, and, it absolutely must have the “mother” in it. This is where all of the health benefits come from, so make sure that you are choosing a brand like the one listed above to make sure that you aren’t missing out on any of the health benefits.

* Also Important: Whatever you do, don't try and down ACV quickly by taking undiluted shots of it. You're very likely to burn your throat and it's not going to make you feel good. At all.

Other health benefits:
Apple cider vinegar is said to help with weight loss because of it’s ability to stabilize blood sugar (which may be why it helps stave off cravings), aid digestion, get rid of heartburn, clear up acne and other skin problems, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, boost the immune system – the list goes on and on, though it should be noted that none of these items has been approved by the food and drug administration.

This stuff is potent! There are consequences that follow each and every single thing that we put into our bodies, and while apple cider health benefits have been talked about for centuries, you will always want to talk to your personal physician before you self diagnose or even consider taking online advice pertaining to your wellbeing.


rose-c Blender Account

I have found, as others have, that ACV helps reduce the pain from rheumatoid arthritis. I think the thoughts are that it helps remove the inflamation markers.
As ever, do your own research, talk to your physician, I'm not qualified to advise, just passing on an experience.
I found that at the right dilution level, ACV in water can taste like a tart apple squash - and is perfect for refreshing oneself in hot weather. Try a couple of spoonfuls in a tall glass of ice water!

LadyCD5900 Facebook Account

Def trying this. :)

munks8285 Blender Account

I've tried a variation of this recipe before. If o.j. isn't available, I use cinnamon. It tastes like an apple cider drink.

micahluv Blender Account

great idea!

Maria Google Account

Hi guys! So i finally bought some ACV yesterday (after having to convince my husband that it was really good for you lol) going to try the recipe now but i don't have any oranges... I'm sure it will still do the trick though (in hoping )... I'm going to try the cinnamon though as munks8285 said above...Anyways I've been doing the round 3 program and I'm in love! You two are my inspiration to keep going. Thank you :)

bjpcraig Blender Account

I've also added cinnamon to the recipe and found it quite good. I tried it w/o the orange, using cinnamon instead, and found that quite palatable, as well. The orange, apple, & cinnamon are definitely a great combo, though!

darryl Blender Account

I splash some ACV in a pint glass, then fill it up to the top with cold bottled fizzy water and then guzzle it down while working out. Perhaps not to everybody's taste - but I find it is a real thirst quencher and tastes like mild watered down cider.

xiomara0819 Blender Account

How many times a day should you drink this? I'm definitely going to give this a try. Thanks so much Fitness Blender. I've been following you guys since April 2013 on YouTube and I love your workouts.

megschoff Blender Account

I just tried it with mango juice, and it's so good! Thanks for sharing!

neverquit Blender Account

This stuff is nasty in water. It tastes like salad dressing with too much vinegar, yuck. I highly suggest drowning it in a strong juice such as orange juice or cranberry juice. I've done 2 tsp a day for about 4-5 days. I'm not sure how to measure if it is doing anything or not, it doesn't give you a boost like a red bull. I think my appetite might be slightly lower as I did eat lunch one day and got full really fast.

micahluv Blender Account

The problem with using a juice is most are not healthy and full of junk. Most people on diets (or those just wanting to be more healthy) have a hard time drinking the amount of water you're supposed to daily. However, you can always squeeze more fruit juice or honey in the mix to make it more flavorful!

Monica Google Account

I've been taking ACV for a while now too. After eating dinner I put to 2 tbsp in filtered water with 2 tbsp lemon juice, stevia, cinnamon and a bit of cayenne pepper. It keeps me from snacking the rest of the night for some reason.

kuddley Blender Account

I luv it does exact as it says craving have gone away for weeks at a time when I don't take it that's when the problem cames luv this stuff

alison.wright.98229 Facebook Account

I just tried this recipe but instead of using fresh orange juice I used about 2 oz of pure 100% orange juice (pretty much the same thing!). It tasted quite nice, would love to try it with mango juice too as megschoff suggested,

Before following this receipe I tried putting a tablespoon in a short tumbler of water, my plan was to down it fast. OMG that was a bad idea, it literally burnt the back of my throat, yes this stuff is potent and incredibly acidic. I was shocked at how strong it was even diluted. I also tried it with cinnamon but I found that the cinnamon didn't dissolve in the water which was a bit annoying.

I have read that if you're going to drink ACV regularly you should make sure to brush your teeth afterwards as it can take off tooth enamal after a while - eek!

Really like Kelli's recipe though and will be trying 2xtbsp 2x per day and see if I notice any health benefits.

Marek Google Account

As with any acidic food (like coffee) DO NOT brush your teeth right after drinking but rather rinse your mouth and wait 30 min before brushing your teeth.

Luciana Google Account

I think you could even use the above recipe with some garlic and add it to the salad you are eating, instead of drinking it, to make it more palatable.

antoanet Blender Account

Absolutely, after all it is vinegar. Combine it with some olive oil and you get a perfect salad dressing.

micahluv Blender Account

love all the ideas here, and I love the braggs brand of things. I use this one and the soy replacement Braggs. They are both terrific products that I recommend whenever possible :)

jyotika Blender Account

can i use any other brand else bragg......?

dreamyalyaa:d Blender Account

can i also try normal/pure vinegar? or would it have a negative effect?

klydro Blender Account

and if you want to save your teeth as the acid can strip your enamel, use a straw and rinse your mouth out after with regular water.
my tonic in the morning is a cup of heated water, 2 tbsps acv, 2-3 drops lemon essential oil, 1 tbsp honey.

rachelle.shanrock Blender Account

I put this with pineapple juice and it tastes great! Totally masks the smell/flavor of the ACV. Trader Joe's has an awesome refrigerated pineapple juice.

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