How to get Legs like Carrie Underwood: Carrie Underwood Workout Routine

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This is one celebrity who is definitely committed to a healthy diet and regular exercise plan – workout videos like the one above, and combinations like you see in this weeklong Carrie Underwood Workout Program can help you get legs that are lean and toned like the country singer. (For the original printable version of this routine, see below)

While you might find yourself wishing for strong, lean legs, you have to realize that in order to get in great shape, it takes much more than just a few exercises for the lower body - or even a whole single routine. It takes regular cardio and a wide variety of strength training & toning workouts – not just for the legs, but for the entire body.

This is Fitness Blender’s week long program of our workout videos that will help you get a body like Carrie.

Day 1: Lower Body & HIIT Cardio:
Intense Bodyweight Cardio for Fat Loss – 21 Minutes
Brazilian Butt Lift Workout – 35 Minutes

Day 2: Upper Body, Cardio & Core
5x5x5 Upper Body Workout – 23 Minutes
Calorie Blasting Abs, Obliques & Cardio – 22 Minutes

Day 3: Rest/Optional Cardio

Day 4: Lower Body & Core
Lean Mean Legs – 38 Minutes
Flat Belly Abs & Obliques Workout – 22 Minutes

Day 5: Upper Body & HIIT
At Home Upper Body Workout – 20 Minutes
FB Cardio HIIT – 25 Minutes

Day 6: Total Body
Beach-Ready Body – Tight & Toned – 35 Minutes

Day 7: Rest

Always warm up before a workout & to cool down & stretch when you are finished. Remember, you don’t want to do the same routines over & over again – after a few weeks you will want to start subbing out the routines you see here for other equivalent videos (i.e. switch out one lower body routine for another).

We have over 250 completely free full length workout videos that lead you through a large variety of bodyweight exercises that can easily be done at home, most without any equipment at all. They are anywhere from 10-60 minutes in length and we've got every type of training style, from Pilates to Kettlebell, HIIT to strength training and toning, cardio for weight loss, and more. Mix & match these videos to get the best results for weight loss, toning, endurance and strength gains. Follow us on Facebook to get our newest full length home workout videos as they come out.

Original printable routine

The printable routine below is another way to help you tone and lean out your lower body, which is how to get legs like Carrie Underwood. This program requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. It's also quite challenging!

Workout Structure: These lower body exercises are in groups of two; do 15 repetitions of each exercise. Do each group 2-3 times through before moving onto the next group. Prevent injury by warming up before doing any kind of strength training; 10-15 minutes of cardio should do.

High Knees
Sumo Squat

Reverse Lunge with Rear Leg Raises
Mountain Climbers

Pilates Side Plank with Leg Raises
Clock Lunges

Squat Jacks
Ice Skaters

Agility Dots
Pilates Leg Pulls, Facing Down

Cool down and stretch

A workout plan alone will not get you gawk-worthy gams. In interviews with the singer, she has touted the benefits of keeping a food journal, over and over again. Keeping a food journal forces you to be aware of eating habits that could sideline your weight loss and/or fitness goals. Writing down everything that you eat also makes it really hard to mindlessly graze or snack.

Her diet is also disciplined and requires commitment. She eats healthily, sticking to a vegetarian diet and never eating fast foods. It takes a lot of work and discipline to get such toned & lean legs, but generally speaking, a healthy lifestyle and regularly doing a lower body strength training routine like the one above will get you there.


shoegal18 Blender Account

I would like to tone my entire body (and lose weight/slim down approx 10lbs) but am afraid of bulking up or looking too muscular. I have been doing the Brazillian Butt Workout for a week but just noticed that it says the exercise will 'fill you out'. If I mix up all of the above exercises will I achieve my goal? Also, I know it takes a while of consistent training to start to lose weight, I am taking a cruise the end of Sept and want to look amazing!! Is this an achievable timeline to lose weight the correct way with the above exercises or do i need something more intense? Thank you!!

fitness blender Blender Account

@shoegal18 All of the Butt Lift workouts are designed to build shape (lifting the butt up and pulling it in) and will only make your butt bigger if you do not have much strength/muscle in that area. Don't worry about it getting out of control as you muscle will only increase to the point it needs it to control its own body weight. Also if you are wanting to attract the boys then actually more muscular legs have been shown (in various unscientific studies) to more desirable to men where as thinner legs are more desirable to women. If you are still worried about size then work on increasing your overall workout intensity to focus more on weight loss and that will get rid of any excess weight making you legs look too bulky.

shoegal18 Blender Account

Great, thank you!

iz1 Blender Account

keli whats ur height and how much do u weigh? thanks :)

iz1 Blender Account

secondly my goal is to lose 20 pounds in total. 1 am 22 female with 5'5 height and 140 lbs. i want to be 120 pounds. i wanted to ask u that i like slim and lean toned girls but not muscular so im afraid of lifting weights as it will give me muscular arms and legs.. i ve never been to gym.just been following ur videos for 2 weeks consistently.. will i gain muscle without lifting weights at home? thanks

asena Blender Account

I don't think that i can do 2 exercises in a day. For example Lean Mean Legs exercise makes me so tired that I can find effort hardly to do cool down. So can I change it to 9-day-workout routine? Like Day 1-Intense Bodyweight Cardio for Fat Loss and Day 2-Brazilian Butt Lift Workout.

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